What does no love lost no love found mean?

What does no love lost no love found mean?

there is a mutual dislike between two people. there is no feeling of respect or affection between two people. two people who do not like each other. ill will, hate, animosity between two people.

Who wrote no love lost?

Ian Curtis
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Who sang no love lost?

Joy Division
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Why do they say no love lost?

No love lost between two people means that they are not friends, they dislike each other intensely. In the sixteenth century, no love lost could mean that the couple either hated each other equally or loved each other equally.

Why did Peter Hook leave?

His departure came amid the heavily delayed album “Lost Sirens”, which keyboarding Gillian Gilbert discussed in a Brazilian interview to promote a Sao Paulo show. According to an English translation, she acknowledged issues with Hook, and said there was “a lot going on behind the scenes on the copyright.”

Why does Peter Hook hate New Order?

Royalties will tear us apart Hook also said the band, which he’d left in 2008, owed him “millions of pounds” in unpaid royalties, as reported by NME. The bassist’s former bandmates, though, said the dispute was about Hook’s royalties from the work the band had done after his departure.

Are Peter Hook and Bernard Sumner friends?

Peter Hook has reflected on his ongoing feud with former New Order bandmate Bernard Sumner, after the pair fell out over a major royalties row. Despite finally settling their financial differences in 2017, Hook says it’s unlikely that he and Sumner will sit down in an attempt to settle their acrimonious relationship.

What’s the difference between Joy Division and No Love Lost?

Originally the song had a much longer instrumental intro and shorter lyrics. The original song was also slower and sung less energetically. The lyrics showed here belong to the version in Substance, the main difference between the two versions is the recited section between the verses.

What kind of music did Joy Division play?

Other doom-and-gloom acts from the period may have spouted nihilistic lyrics and quoted Existentialists such as Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre, but no one else compared their sense of despair, isolation and self-loathing with that of a Nazi sex slave, as Joy Division did in its first single, “No Love Lost.”

Why did Joy Division write the House of dolls?

“The House Of Dolls” is about ‘Joy Division’ – Jewish women in concetration camps who were made into sex slaves for the pleasure of Nazi soldiers. He claimed it was inspired by the fate of his younger sister who did not survive the Holocaust. The spoken part from ‘No Love Lost’ is taken directly from the book. There was an error.

Where did Joy Division get their name from?

General Comment Yes, really. Joy Division took their name from the novel “The House Of Dolls” by Jewish author Ka-Tzetnik 135633 (real name Yehiel De-Nur), an Auschwitz survivor (his pen name means “Concentration Camper”, and 135633 was his number). He wrote about the horrors committed by the nazis.