What does Hepatosomatic index indicate?

What does Hepatosomatic index indicate?

The ratio of liver weight to total body weight; used as a measure of the energy reserves of an animal, especially in fish.

What does a high liver somatic index mean?

Individual quality, defined as an estimate of individual fitness, has been estimated by using somatic indices, i.e., the relative size of internal organs [5]. For instance, liver size and pancreas size have been shown to correspond to low quality foraging in herbivorous mammals [5].

How do you calculate Hepatosomatic index?

Hepato-somatic index (HSI) was calculated as : HSI=(LW/W)•10 0 where LW and W are liver weight and somatic weight (g), respectively . Head on gutted weight and head off gutted weight were also measured (± 1 g) to estimate muscle weight and to allow calculations of somatic weight from gutted weight .

What is the normal liver somatic index?

The size of the liver increases with depth of occurrence (Fig. 7.6) such that the hepatosomatic index (HSI) reaches a maximum at about 2000 meters and a size of 20–25% of body weight. The lipid content of the liver also increases with depth, but levels off at about 2000 meters and a content of 60–90% (Fig.

How do you calculate Gonadosomatic index?

Calculate Gonadosomatic Index (GSI = (gonad weight (g) / fish weight (g)) *100).

What is GSI in biology?

The gonadosomatic index, abbreviated as GSI, is the calculation of the gonad mass as a proportion of the total body mass. It is represented by the formula: GSI = [gonad weight / total tissue weight] × 100.

What does high functioning liver mean?

Elevated liver enzymes often indicate inflammation or damage to cells in the liver. Inflamed or injured liver cells leak higher than normal amounts of certain chemicals, including liver enzymes, into the bloodstream, elevating liver enzymes on blood tests.

What is the fatty liver index?

The fatty liver index (FLI) is an algorithm based on waist circumference, body mass index (BMI), triglyceride, and gamma-glutamyl-transferase (GGT) for the prediction of fatty liver,12 and is easy to employ as its each individual component is a routine measurement in clinical practice.

What does a high GSI mean?

Months with the highest peak in the GSI indicates the spawning season of fish species. The increase in the GSI value indicates the development of the gonads [15]. Female fish species usually have higher GSI value than in males. This means that the body weight is inversely proportional to its gonad weight.

Why is it important to measure GSI of the fish?

GSI is a metric that represents the relative weight of the gonad to the fish weight. GSI has been widely used to evaluate reproduction timing (Lowerre-Barbieri et al., 2011) because it is inexpensive and easy to compute.

Why is it important to measure GSI?

GSI is a parameter that is used to study the spawning biology of the fish. It also assesses the level of ripeness of the ovary [7]. GSI serves as an indicator of the reproductive seasonality of fish species [8].

How do you calculate Gonadosomatic index of fish?