What are Venetian gondoliers?

What are Venetian gondoliers?

The gondola (English: /ˈɡɒndələ/, Italian: [ˈɡondola]; Venetian: góndoła [ˈɡoŋdoɰa]) is a traditional, flat-bottomed Venetian rowing boat, well suited to the conditions of the Venetian lagoon. Various types of gondola boats are also used in special regattas (rowing races) held amongst gondoliers.

How many gondoliers are there in Venice?

Gondolas reached peak popularity in the 17th and 18th centuries, and it’s estimated that the city was home to 10,000 gondolas at that time. By contrast, there are just 400 now – though you’ll see so many during your time in Venice that you’d think the number was far higher.

How much does gondola ride in Venice cost?

The price for a gondola tour is 80 euros if you book it before sunset or 100 euro if you want it after and during sunset. The price isn’t per person but per gondola, which means that if you’re in Venice with your family, it won’t be 80 or 100 euros per person but for the entire family.

What instrument do they play on a gondola?

For years, we’ve witnessed small flotillas of gondolas cruising along Venice’s back canals to the accompaniment of guitars, an occasional accordion, and O Sole Mio….

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Are gondoliers rich?

Gondoliers are among the most well-paid workers in Venice, earning as much as $150,000 a year. But even that salary isn’t enough to rent a decent-size apartment here, which is why Redolfi and his American wife now live on a nearby island.

Do gondoliers sing?

The gondoliers themselves do not sing. Many of the tours include a singer and with some of them, an accordion player too.

Do you tip gondoliers in Venice?

In relation to tipping your gondolier, if the service is good, a tip is obviously appreciated. Also, if you’re taking a gondola ride in a group of more than four, a tip is usually expected. Think of it like a service charge in a restaurant. And just for reference, around the 10% mark is the norm.

Do all gondoliers sing?

The gondoliers themselves do not sing. Many of the tours include a singer and with some of them, an accordion player too. You would be wise to prebook.

Why are gondolas black?

They’re always painted black (six coats) — the result of a 17th-century law a doge enacted to eliminate competition between nobles for the fanciest rig. But each has unique upholstery, trim, and detailing, such as the squiggly-shaped, carved-wood oarlock (fórcula) and metal “hood ornament” (ferro).

How much do gondoliers earn?

Its training may be rigorous, but it’s certainly worth it – a Venetian gondolier can expect to earn around $150,000 each year.

Why do gondoliers wear striped shirts?

This was because the French Navy had designated that as a safety precaution so if a man fell overboard he could be spotted easier in the waves of the Sea. Now, many of the striped t-shirts and jackets have an embroidered logo of the Association of Gondoliers.

Who are The Gondoliers in the city of Venice?

Gondoliers have been active in Venice for more than 1,000 years. The first official reference is a license from Doge Vitale Falier from 1094, in which he refers to a ‘gondalum’. In the past, gondoliers mainly worked for rich Venetian families.

How do you become a substitute gondolier in Venice?

Those who pass must register with the local Chamber of Commerce, open a partita I.V.A. (a small business tax id) and pay all required fees. At this point, the person is considered a substitute gondolier.

What did a gondolier do for his master?

A gondolier used to work for his master. and as every servant was, so was he the keeper of many secrets about the city: he knew all about the myths and legends, stories or rumours along and across the Venice canals; he knew off-the-beaten paths, who rode in what gondola and where, who lived where and what they were up to.

How much does it cost to ride on a gondola in Venice?

Today, things are a bit different. Today, Venetian gondolas are most known as a black boat used in Venice for tours through the narrow canals of the city. Gondoliers, in fact, offer visitors the possibility to ride on a gondola through Venice for a fixed price of 80 euros for a 25-30 minutes tour.