What are traditional Hong Kong mooncakes filled with?

What are traditional Hong Kong mooncakes filled with?

lotus seed paste
Usually square, traditional mooncakes are dense – filled with sweet lotus seed paste and whole salted egg yolks. They are sliced up for sharing while admiring the moon at its fullest on the evening of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

What is Hong Kong mooncake?

In the canon of traditional Chinese desserts, the mooncake is the most decadent and storied of them all. Golden-baked, round in shape, and filled with sweet lotus seed paste encasing two salted duck egg yolks representing the moon. Ahead, we round up the best mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong.

What filling is common in the Yunnan style mooncake?

In Yunnan province, mooncakes are traditionally filled with the region’s famed dried ham, while mooncakes in Hunan province feature roses and osmanthus. Today, contemporary versions of mooncakes with custard, ice cream, or fruit fillings are common around China.

What is the best mooncake in Hong Kong?

The Best Mooncakes in Hong Kong 2021

  • Dang Wen Li.
  • Duddell’s.
  • Fortnum & Mason.
  • Green Common.
  • KiKi Noodle Bar.
  • Lady M.
  • Phoebe’s Kitchen.
  • Bonus: #Kindnessmatters mooncakes.

What is Vietnamese mooncake?

Vietnamese mooncakes have two basic parts: crust and filling. The ingredients usually consist of: jam, dried sausage, mung bean paste, salt, sugar, cooking oil, sugared lard, lotus seed, watermelon seed, etc. Compared to other variants, Vietnamese mooncakes’ flavor is more on the sweet side.

What does red bean mooncake taste like?

Red Bean Paste — Used in many Chinese desserts, red bean paste is made from Azuki beans. A gorgeous color, it’s a very thick filling that tastes somewhat like sweet potato. Shredded Coconut — Another ‘safe’ option, the flavor and texture of this mooncake is exactly what it says it is.

What makes a mooncake A mooncake?

The Cantonese mooncake consists of a rich thick filling usually made from red bean paste or lotus seed paste is surrounded by a thin, 2–3 mm (approximately 1/8th of an inch) crust and may contain yolks from salted duck eggs. Mooncakes are usually eaten in small wedges accompanied by tea….

Khmer នំព្រះច័ន្

What are moon cakes called in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, the most popular type of moon cakes is the conventional Guangdong moon cakes (CGMC). In the early 1990s, a new type of moon cakes known as snowy moon cakes (SMC) was introduced into the local market and has gained increasing popularity.

What is the recipe for traditional mooncakes?

Traditional Mooncakes Recipe 1 100 gm plain flour 2 60 gm golden syrup, homemade or store-bought 3 ½ tsp alkaline water (aka lye water), available at Asian grocers 4 28 gm vegetable oil

How much is Wing Wah Mooncake in Hong Kong?

Assorted Wing Wah Mooncake. Physical Store Exclusive. Standard Price HK$498.00. Mini Assorted Wing Wah Mooncake. Physical Store Exclusive. Standard Price HK$358.00. Assorted Wing Wah Mooncake (4 items) (Vegetarian Mooncake) Physical Store Exclusive. Standard Price HK$338.00.

What is snowy moon cake?

Abstract Moon cakes are commonly taken by Chinese to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, which refers to the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. While the conventional Guangdong Moon Cake (CGMC) had been commonly used in Hong Kong, Snowy Moon Cake (SMC) is a variant introduced to the local market in the past years.