What alcohol do you use to flame a Christmas pudding?

What alcohol do you use to flame a Christmas pudding?

The important thing is to get the spirit really hot. Pour 2-3 tablespoons of brandy, rum or whisky into a long-handled metal ladle and heat it over a gas flame until hot.

Why do we burn brandy on Christmas pudding?

Why do we light Christmas pudding? It’s said that the flaming brandy represents the Passion of Christ and traditionally there were 13 ingredients in the pudding, said to represent Christ’s 13 disciples.

Does Christmas pudding have brandy?

Mary Berry’s Christmas pudding recipe is loaded with fruit, peel and, of course, brandy. With an extra dollop of brandy butter on the side, this pudding will win over the harshest critics.

Can you use Whisky instead of brandy in Christmas pudding?

Whisky is no less flammable than brandy and, splashed over the pudding, burns just as prettily with the same blue flame. So is it time to kiss goodbye to brandy and a tradition that may not be as old as people think?

What is traditionally hidden inside a Christmas pudding?

Traditionally a silver coin (six pence) was hidden inside the Christmas Pudding. The silver coin brought good fortune to whomever was lucky enough to find it when the pudding was cut.

What is Plum pudding theory?

The ‘plum pudding’ model of the atom was proposed by JJ Thomson, who had also discovered the electron. According to this model, the atom is a sphere of positive charge, and negatively charged electrons are embedded in it to balance the total positive charge. The electrons are like plums in a pudding.

What is the best Xmas pudding this year?

Asda Christmas pudding is named best for Christmas 2020.

What is brandy butter served with?

Brandy butter is traditionally served with warm mince pies and Christmas pudding, melting lusciously into the dense dessert, making it completely over-the-top sinful.

Can you use vodka to flame a Christmas pudding?

Heat the vodka in a small saucepan. When it becomes warm and is about to come to a boil, immediately remove from heat and light up the vodka with a matchstick. Pour the flaming vodka over the pudding and flambé! You can also pour the hot vodka over the pudding first and then light it up with a match to flambé.

Can you light brandy on fire?

Answer: We checked several sources and they all claim most 80-proof brandy will ignite readily if at room temperature. Warm the brandy, but don’t bring it to a boil. Then carefully ignite using a long match and pour the still-flaming liquid over the plum pudding.