Should I use 9 speed or 10 speed?

Should I use 9 speed or 10 speed?

There’s no reason that a narrower chain will wear out quicker, or a deraileur have more problems. Basically, there’s not a whole lot of difference in 9/10 speed equipment. It’s just different ratios and spacings. As for whether to go 10, it’s the luxury of having 2 more speeds in a double configuration.

Is a 9 speed a good road bike?

9-speeds are fine. I started out riding bikes again on a Shimano 9 speed (Sora). Sora gets a bad rep around here, but it was fine. I had no trouble shifting.

Is 10 speed enough for road bike?

Yes, 10-speed bikes are good simply because they have a lot of range. 10-speed bikes are (generally speaking) an OG (i.e. one gear) which makes them far easier and cheaper to maintain. This is because you’re only dealing with gears on the rear hub and you don’t have to faff around with anything else.

Are 9 and 10 speed cassettes the same width?

they are the same width. The distance between the 9 speed gears is ever so slightly wider than on a 10 speed cassette (hence why 10 speed chains need thinner side plates than 9 speed ones.

Will 9 speed chain work with 10 speed cassette?

In some cases, a 9-speed chain may work just fine with a 10-speed cassette. In general, however, running a chain designed for fewer speeds than the cassette is not considered a good practice. The 9-speed chain is wider and can rub and skip when combined with a 10-speed cassette.

What is a 9 speed bike good for?

The 9-speed cassette has smaller steps between gears, which is primarily useful for racing. The range of gears you need will depend on the terrain and on how you like to pedal. If it’s flat where you live, or you’re athletic, one gear might be enough.

Is 9 gears enough on a bike?

If you’re more concerned with enjoying the view from the saddle than the view from the podium, opt for a triple gear up front and nine gears on the back wheel. It’s a more comfortable ride, but be prepared to spend more time covered in grease carefully cleaning your drive chain.

What is the point of a 10 speed bike?

A 10-speed bike is a type of road bicycle that allows you to change the pedaling resistance through a shifting mechanism. The various gears provide up to 10 different resistance settings, or speeds. This type of bicycle engineering makes riding on hilly terrain over long distances easier.

Is 10 or 11 speed better?

Tighter spacing on cassettes AND wider range from top to bottom of cassette are possible in the same cassette with 11 vs 10. This can make a pretty big difference when climbing. 4. The 11 speed stuff just shifts better than the comparable line of 10 speed components, it’s actually quite noticeable.