Is the VG30DE a good engine?

Is the VG30DE a good engine?

vg30de motors are very durable… the weak point in both NA and TT is the pistons… NA boosted (around 400rwhp properly tuned) TT moded around 650rwhp… put some forged pistons in there and 800+rwhp is definitely doable! the engine wiring harness is an issue with corrosion, but only after about 10years of age.

How much power can a VG30DE handle?

The stock 300zx na made 222hp at the crank from the factory back in the 90’s, and over 20+ years its probably lost some of that power. A safe estimate of power nowadays is about 170-180whp, assuming the engine is still in decent shape.

Can you supercharge a VG30DE?

So anyone who has looked into the TT swap knows it will cost just about $4000 in parts alone. Whether you ante up for the front clip or dive into a JDM engine/tranny package, it’s just costly. My remedy to achieve more power is to feed the V6 with a supercharger from a Subaru Pleo.

Can you turbo a vg30?

No. It won’t require a different fuel map. Using the NA motor, you will need the turbo injectors and ECU, but you can retain the stock fuel map all the way up to 12.5psi.

What engine comes in a 300ZX?

Engine 3.0 L VG30DE V6 3.0 L VG30DETT V6 Twin Turbo
Transmission 5-speed RS5R30A manual 4-speed RE4R01A Automatic 4-speed RE4R03A automatic

What cars have a vg30 engine?

The 2,960 cc (3.0 L) VG30ET was available in early production with a single Garrett T3 turbocharger at 6.8 psi (0.47 bar) and a 7.8:1 compression ratio….VG30ET

  • 1984–1989 Nissan 300ZX Turbo (Z31)
  • Nissan Leopard.
  • Nissan Gloria/Nissan Cedric 230 PS (169 kW)
  • 1985–1990 Nissan GTP ZX-Turbo Racecar (non-production)

Can you turbo a non turbo 300ZX?

No, not all 300ZX are twin turbo. There are things that can be done to increase power on a NA VG30DE engine as well (including turbocharging if so desired) but from a “classic perspective” we think that a stock, non-turbo 300ZX is still an exciting and interesting car.

What engine is in the Z31?

What engine is in Nissan 300 ZX Z31 2+2? The Nissan 300 ZX Z31 2+2 has a V 6, Petrol engine with 2960 cm3 / 180.6 cu-in capacity.

How long do 300ZX engines last?

with proper care, these cars can go forever (well, about 300k miles). People on have reported more than 250k miles on their cars, some even with turbos!

Who makes Nissan engines?

Nissan Iwaki company produces engines. It is believed that Nissan engines are the most reliable and unpretentious Japanese engines.

Is the VG33E a good engine?

The Nissan 3.3 VG33E engine was produced from 1996 to 2004. It’s a very old school SOHC V6 engine that uses a strong cast iron engine block and steel rods. It is, however, a strong engine that offers good reliability and longevity. Then again, no engine is flawless and that applies to the Nissan 3.3 V6 engine.