Is the IS200 a good car?

Is the IS200 a good car?

In reality the unit’s willingness to rev and the car’s classic rear-wheel drive layout makes the IS200 a surprisingly entertaining car. Even if you don’t want to take the IS200 by the scruff of its neck there’s much to like about the car. Build quality is up to Lexus’ usual high standards, ditto equipment levels.

What engine is IS200?

Powertrain and models

Engine Lexus
Engine Power/torque Model
2.0 L straight-six (1G-FE) 114 kW (153 hp); 195 N⋅m (144 lb⋅ft) at 4,600 rpm IS 200 (sedan)
IS 200 SportCross (wagon)
2.0 L straight-four (3S-GE) 154 kW (207 hp); 216 N⋅m (159 lb⋅ft) at 6,400 rpm No equivalent

What horsepower is an IS200?

The Lexus IS 200 has a naturally aspirated six cylinders in line longitudinal front engine providing a maximum torque of 195 Nm available from 4600 rpm and a maximum power outpup of 155 PS available at 6200 rpm transmitted to the 17 inch rear wheels by a manual 6 speed gearbox.

How long do Lexus IS200 last?

The Lexus IS is a highly reliable luxury sedan that can last between 250,000 – 300,000 miles on average with proper maintenance and conservative driving habits.

Does IS200 have VVTI?

All were belt-driven OHC non-interference engines (except the VVT-i version in the Lexus IS200 which is an interference engine), with multivalve DOHC (except the 1G-EU SOHC 12 valve engine) and even variable valve timing added later.

What BHP is a Lexus IS200?

153 BHP
With 153 BHP, the naturally aspirated 2 Litre 24v Inline 6 petrol engine accelerates this IS 200 to 62 mph in 9.5 seconds and on to a maximum speed of 134 mph. Having a kerb weight of 1360 kg, it achieves 28.8 mpg on average and can travel 443 miles before requiring a refill of its 70 litre capacity fuel tank.

Is a IS200 a 6 cylinder?

The Lexus IS200 has taken all the ingredients which have made the 3 Series such a sales success and given them a fresh spin. A smartly styled, two-litre executive car with a straight-six cylinder engine. Perfect weight distribution and rear wheel drive to appeal to the keen driver.

Is 200 a top speed?

The Lexus IS I 200 top speed is 215 Km/h / 134 mph.

What engine does the 2002 Lexus is200 have?

Engine & Performance Cylinders 6 Cyl. Valves per Cylinder 4 V per Cyl.

What engine does the 2001 is200 have?

With a fuel consumption of 9.8 litres/100km – 29 mpg UK – 24 mpg US (Average), 0 to 100 km/h (62mph) in 9.5 seconds, a maximum top speed of 134 mph (215 km/h), a curb weight of 2987 lbs (1355 kgs), the IS I 200 has a naturally-aspirated Inline 6 cylinder engine, Petrol motor, with the engine code 1G-FE.