Is OzEmail still active?

Is OzEmail still active?

Use of the OzEmail brand name was discontinued. Although existing customers kept their OzEmail usernames, new customers were signed up under the iiNet brand.

Who started OzEmail?

Malcolm Turnbull
Sean Howard

How do I access my iiNet email?


  1. Protocol: IMAP.
  2. Username: Your iiNet email address.
  3. Password: Your iiNet email address password (forgot password?)
  4. Mail server:
  5. Port & security type: 993 & SSL (for Apple devices), 143 & STARTTLS/TLS (for all other devices)
  6. Authentication: Enabled/password.

What type of business is OzEmail limited?

OzEmail Limited is a provider of Internet services in Australia and New Zealand. The Company’s Internet services are designed to meet the different needs of its residential and commercial customers by utilizing its “Integrated Services Dig- ital Network” and consulting services.

Who bought OzEmail?

Iconic internet service provider OzEmail has finally found a new owner after Australia’s fourth-largest ISP, iiNet, last night agreed to pay $104.5 million for the business.

Do I get an email address with Aussie broadband?

You are able to create up to 5 email accounts for free. To create a new email account or manage your existing email accounts, simply visit the manage my services -> manage my emails section of your my. aussie account.

What are the email settings for Bigpond?

Email Settings for

  • Server:
  • Port: 993.
  • Security: SSL/TLS.
  • Username: Your full email address.
  • Password: Your password.

What type of email account is iiNet?

IMAP / supports IMAP / SMTP au’s webmail interface! You can check your email and send messages using other email programs (like Mailspring, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird). Using desktop email applications can improve your workflow.

What is Lucy Turnbull?

Lucy Hughes Turnbull/Professions
Lucinda Mary Turnbull AO (née Hughes; born 30 March 1958) is an Australian businesswoman, philanthropist, and former local government politician. She served on the Sydney City Council from 1999 to 2004, including as Lord Mayor of Sydney from 2003 to 2004 – the first woman to hold the position.

How do I pay my Australian broadband bill?

There are three ways to make payment to your account:

  1. Direct Debit- Funds are automatically processed from your bank account on your Debit Date (listed on your Invoice).
  2. Credit Card- Funds are automatically processed from your Credit Card on your Debit Date (listed on your Invoice).

How do I set up my Aussie broadband email?

Help Centre

  1. Step 1: Tap on Default Email App. Simply click on the option for ‘Other’
  2. Step 2: Add New Account. Fill out the ‘Email address’ and ‘Password’ section, and then tap on the ‘Manunal Setup’ button at the bottom of the page (it’s hidden by the pop-up that appears after you press that button).

Why is my BigPond email not sending?

If there’s trouble sending or receiving, it may be an issue with the email server settings. So, if you want to access emails from multiple devices, check to see you have IMAP enabled. For more detailed help if you are still having trouble, talk to the tech experts at Telstra Platinum.

Who was the founder of OzEmail in Australia?

OzEmail was a major Internet service provider (ISP) in Australia, until it was acquired by iiNet on 28 February 2005. In the early 1980s, Sean Howard was the editor of the Australian Personal Computer magazine and was running a small electronic mail service called Microtex.

How to authenticate IMAP with

I’m using doesnt to try and Authenticate IMAP against but it doesn’t work All iiNet’s support pages say is to use for IMAP.

When did iiNet take over the OzEmail business?

Perth based ISP iiNet purchased the assets of OzEmail on 28 February 2005 and started trading under the new name iiNet (OzEmail) Pty Ltd. Use of the OzEmail brand name was discontinued. Although existing customers kept their OzEmail usernames, new customers were signed up under the iiNet brand.

When did OzEmail first list on the ASX?

The initial network consisted of 16 POPs around Australia. On 28 May 1996, OzEmail became the first Australian tech stock ever to list on the NASDAQ. With the trading symbol OZEMY, over A$50 million in investment capital was raised. Two years later, OzEmail listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) with the symbol OZM.