Is BX cable legal?

Is BX cable legal?

BX is accepted by the National Electrical Code (NEC). Older BX cables without an internal bonding strip are not accepted by NEC.

What does BX wire stand for?

Armored cable (AC) first appears in the 1903 NEC. There were originally two initial versions of armored cable. One was called “AX” and the other “BX,” with the “X” standing for “experimental.” The “BX” version became the one that eventually was produced, and hence the name “BX” became the common name.

What are wire covers called?

The rubber or plastic coating on most electrical wire is called insulation.

Is BX cable better than Romex?

BX cables are safer and protect against any accidental penetrations. Romex cables have vinyl sheathing that you can penetrate easily. A BX cable usually is grounded through an internal plastic-coated ground wire or metal armor.

Can you use duct tape to cover exposed wires?

Although it may technically offer slightly more protection against exposed wires than no covering at all, duct tape is NOT an electrically insulating material and is entirely unsuitable for proper protection against live current. Duct tape is flammable if allowed to heat up to any significant extent.

Can you use electrical tape to cover exposed wires?

While electrical tape can be used for minor cord or wire repairs as a temporary solution, do not wrap it around exposed and bare wire.

Can you use BX cable for electrical wiring?

Unless the specifics of the job or the electrical code demand that you use BX cable, your wiring project will go faster with NM, plastic-sheathed wiring. BX cable is heavy and its surface is corrugated, making it difficult to pull through the holes in studs.

Is BX cable strong enough to run through armor?

However, with the exception of electrical wires that run through rigid metal conduits, no other type of electrical cable has as strong an outer casing as does BX cable. Wires within the armor may display degradation of their rubber insulation. But this may just be at the exposed ends.

Is older type BX wiring code compliant for grounding?

We ran into a question regarding older Type BX wiring and the Code compliance of using the metal jacket for grounding. Although the Code states that Type AC cable metal jackets can be used as a grounding means, we cannot find if the older version Type BX is also compliant.

Will the rubber floor cord cover hide my cables?

Your cables will hardly be noticeable with this slim, rubber floor cord cover. The soft cover can easily tuck away cables. Your cables will hardly be noticeable with this slim, rubber floor cord cover. The soft cover can easily tuck away cables.