Is a Walther P38 a good gun?

Is a Walther P38 a good gun?

Tough and raw-boned, it doesn’t lure you to it with a perfect single-action trigger release. But out in the mud and dirt-soaked world of wartime combat, it certainly earned its place as one of the great pistols of our time.

Do they still make the Walther P38?

The last commercial P38 pistol was manufactured in the year 2000. Technical Description: The Walther P38 is a short-recoil operated, locked-breech pistol.

What is the cost of a Walther P-38?

Walther P38
Manufacturer Carl Walther Waffenfabrik, Mauser Werke, Spreewerk
Unit cost 30 (32) RM (1943) equivalent to €120 in 2017
Produced Walther P38 1939–1945 Pistole P1 1957–2000
No. built c. 1,000,000

What is a Walther P-38 worth?

What is a WALTHER ARMS P 38 pistol Worth? A WALTHER ARMS P 38 pistol is currently worth an average price of $943.05 used .

What engines did the P-38 have?

With tricycle gear, twin booms and a centerline fuselage pod brimming with guns, the P-38 was powered by two 1,600-hp Allison V-1710-111/113 liquid-cooled engines driving three-bladed, 9-foot Curtiss Electric propellers.

Did German soldiers carry Lugers?

No, they didn’t. Although the German’s typically had more pistols issued than other contemporary armies. The standard Schutze/Soldat/Grenadier commonly carried a K98K from 1935 to 1945, however there were some exceptions, for example.

What was the serial number of the Walther P38?

Walther P38 9mm – 1943, WWII German with Original Holster, vintage firearms inc GI#: 101646538 General Specs: Walther, Year 1943, 9mm, 33.8oz Serial Number: 3853 When introduced into Army service in 1938 the P38 was a very advanced design. The P38 was the first pistol to use a dou…Click for more info

When was the Walther P.38 9mm made?

Walther P.38 9mm semi automatic German WWII service pistol, AC-45 code, likely manufactured in March of 1945. This pistol is entirely non matching, with a “c block” serial number, as well as …Click for more info

What kind of grips did the Walther P38 pistols use?

Initial production P38 pistols were fitted with walnut grips, but these were later supplanted by Bakelite grips. Sheet metal grips were used for a time on pistols produced in France after the war, being called “Gray Ghosts” by collectors on the account of their distinctive parkerizing and sheet metal grips.

Where can I buy a WWII P38 pistol?


Is a Walther P38 a good gun?

Is a Walther P38 a good gun?

The P38 is generally regarded as an good to excellent pistol mechanically. It or its very close variants are still in service with some police and military organizations today. Originally Answered: I have my great grandfathers Walther P38 he carried in the SS.

Is a P38 a Luger?

The Walther P38 (originally written Walther P. 38) is a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol that was developed by Carl Walther GmbH as the service pistol of the Wehrmacht at the beginning of World War II. It was intended to replace the costly Luger P08, the production of which was scheduled to end in 1942.

What is the best German handgun?

One of the most interesting semi-automatic handguns on the American firearms market is made in Germany. Designed and is manufactured in Oberndorf, Germany, the Heckler & Koch VP9 pistol is touted as one of the most durable, reliable handguns in the world.

What replaced the Walther P38?

From 1957 until 2000, another 600,000 copies of the iconic warhorse were produced. It remained Germany’s service pistol of choice up until 1994, when it was replaced by the P1.

What does P38 stand for?

One is that soldiers called it the P-38 because it could open a can faster than the P-38 Lightning fighter plane could fly. A more likely explanation is that the “38” comes from the length of the can opener, which is 38 millimeters (or 1 1/2 inches).

Are P38 still made?

This one had a lighter aluminum frame and was nominated as the Pistole 1, or P1 for short. Commercial pistols were still manufactured under the original P38 designation….More videos on YouTube.

Walther P38, P1 Walther P4
Barrel length 125 mm 104 mm
Magazine capacity 8 rounds

Is Walther P38 still in production?

The last commercial P38 pistol was manufactured in the year 2000. Technical Description: The Walther P38 is a short-recoil operated, locked-breech pistol.

What year was my P38 made?

In 1942 the Mauser factory started the production of P38 pistols to fulfill the huge demand for these pistols by the German army.

What gun does German police use?

The P8 model (9×19 mm) will become the standard handgun of the Bundeswehr, while the P12 model (.45 ACP/11.43×23 mm) will be used by the Special Forces. Used by Military Police.

What kind of pistol is a P38 9mm?

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION P38 9mm Luger Pistol Original German Manufacture, WWII Nazi Era Mfg Dates, Semi-Auto w/ 8rd mag Arsenal Refinished to VG / Excellent – C & R Eligible The photos are of the exact pistol you will receive. Serial number 4069.

What caliber is this Walther P-38?

This is a very cool and scarce Walther “Einstecksystem P38 Kal.5,6mm”, a factory .22 caliber conversion “plug-in” kit for the P-38 family of pistols. This conversion kit was …Click for more info This is an excellent original example of a World War 2 Spreewerke manufactured P-38 pistol made under German occupation for the German Army.

When did the German Army start using the P38 pistol?

The first designs submitted to the German Army featured a locked breech and a hidden hammer, but the Heer ( German Army) requested that it be redesigned with an external hammer. The P38 concept was accepted by the German military in 1938 but production of prototype (“Test”) pistols did not begin until late 1939.

When did the Spreewerke 9mm P38 come out?

NEW THIS WEEK! “This Spreewerke 9mm P.38 pistol is known to collectors as the first alphabet run, second variation. It is circa late 1944 or early 1945. The bore is excellent with bright, strong rifling. The gu …Click for more info