How much is Dublin bus fare?

How much is Dublin bus fare?

Dublin City Bus Network

Adult single fares Adult Leap Adult Cash
Stages 1 to 3 €1.55 €2.15
Stages 4 to 13 €2.25 €3.00
Over 13 Stages €2.50 €3.30
Xpresso €3.00 €3.80

Is there a Dublin Bus app?

You can use our popular iPhone and Android Apps to access Real Time Information which will estimate the times that your bus is due at your stop. Both apps are free to download. The Apps also include a Fare Calculator, Bus Timetables and a Route Planner.

How do you pay for Dublin Bus?

Paying with cash: An exact fare system is operated by Dublin Bus and only coins (not notes) are accepted. No change is given. Prepaid tickets: You can also pay your fare with a prepaid ticket. Magnetic prepaid tickets must be inserted into the bus validator when boarding.

Does Dublin Bus Take 5 cents?

Three 2 euro coins, one 1 euro coin and a 5 cent coin will do fine, you just won’t get change unless you go to Head office on O’Connell Street or the driver will not accept notes. Enjoy your stay! You can pay for all at once in coin.

Which bus app is best?

Here is our list of the 6 top bus apps available on both Android and iOS to help make your journey smoother and better!…

  1. Citymapper – Transport Navigation.
  2. MyTransport.SG.
  3. SG BusLeh: Award Winning.
  4. SG Buses – Singapore Bus Guide with Arrival Time.
  5. SG Dr Bus: SG Bus Daily Route.

Can you tap on Bus Eireann?

The TFI Leap Card is probably the most convenient method of contactless payment for public transport. Bus Éireann, Irish Rail, Go Ahead, Dublin Bus and Luas all accept Leap Cards on some or all of their services. They can also be used on commuter and rural bus services within the TFI public transport network.

Can you pay with phone on bus?

Using a mobile payment to pay as you go is the same as using a contactless card. You can make mobile payments with devices such as phones, watches, key fobs, stickers or wristbands. You can use different mobile payments to travel on our transport services: Apple Pay.

How much is the bus fare from Dublin Airport to City Centre?

How much does the Aircoach Dublin Airport Bus cost? The cost of a single ticket is €8 from Dublin Airport into the city centre on Aircoach Route 700 or €9 for a return.

Can I pay by card on Dublin Bus?

Bus Éireann, Irish Rail, Go Ahead, Dublin Bus and Luas all accept Leap Cards on some or all of their services. The contactless element is not the only advantage as Leap Card fares can be up to 31% cheaper than cash tickets.