How much does PRESTO cost per month?

How much does PRESTO cost per month?

MiWay PRESTO fares

Adult Single: $3.10 Free after 12 full-fare trips in same week (Mon. to Sun.) Monthly: $135
Youth (13-19) Single: $2.35 Free after 12 full-fare trips in same week (Mon. to Sun.)
Senior (65+) Single: $2.10 Free after 12 full-fare trips in same week (Mon. to Sun.) Monthly: $65

What is a PRESTO card and how does it work?

Your PRESTO card stores funds in a secure account, replacing the need for tickets, tokens, passes or cash. When you tap your PRESTO card on a fare payment device, the electronic chip embedded in the card instantly calculates the fare and deducts it from your account. For more information, visit our Using PRESTO page.

Is PRESTO card cheaper than tickets?

Even though tickets, tokens, and PRESTO fares are all cheaper than cash singe fares, they require bundling and ancillary costs that eradicate any savings for a one- or two-time rider.

Does PRESTO card work in London Ontario?

Yes, your PRESTO card can be used on any of the 11 participating transit agencies in Ontario, including OC Transpo in Ottawa.

Do PRESTO cards expire?

PRESTO cards no longer expire, even if there is an expiry date shown on the card (you may continue to use your card even after any indicated expiry date).

Is Presto valid for 2 hours?

With PRESTO you get two hours to travel in any direction on the TTC with each payment. When you start your trip and tap your PRESTO card, your fare will be deducted and a two-hour transfer will automatically be applied to your card.

Do Presto funds expire?

Does PRESTO work in St Catharines?

Catharines Transit are underway for participation in Presto.

Does Wego take PRESTO?

Yes – the WEGO comes to the train & bus terminals. See the WEGO site for routes. You can read the T&C’s of Presto on their website.

Can you claim Presto on your taxes?

If you have a My PRESTO Account, you may be able to claim the cost of transit trips under the Ontario Seniors Public Transit Tax Credit. Your Transit Usage Report provides up-to-date information about your transit use with PRESTO card for your records and tax purposes.

What happens if I don’t use my PRESTO card?

Web-Based My PRESTO Account Loading Please note that you must tap your card to a device within 30 days in order for your transaction to be completed. If you do not tap within 30 days your transaction will be cancelled and funds will be refunded to your method of payment.

How much does it cost to load a Presto card online?

When loading online, through the PRESTO App or at Ticket Vending Machines at GO and UP Express stations, you must load at least $10.00. Add a monthly/weekly transit pass: Some transit agencies offer weekly or monthly transit passes to load onto your PRESTO card.

What are the benefits of the Presto app?

The PRESTO App can keep you connected to your balance and much more. The app also lets you load your card instantly. With a PRESTO card you have the freedom to travel across 11 different transit agencies in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and Ottawa.

What is a Presto saved payment method?

Saved Payment Method stores your credit card or debit account information in your PRESTO account so you don’t have to enter it each time you load funds online or by phone. When you load funds or purchase a transit pass online there will be an option to use your Saved Payment Method at checkout.

Where can you buy Presto cards in the GTHA?

The app will eventually allow transit users to pay directly from their mobile device. Presto cards are available to purchase at most Shoppers Drug Mart stores, transit centres in the GTHA and Ottawa, over the phone and online.