How much does Patron tequila shot cost?

How much does Patron tequila shot cost?

Jameson Same as Crown. Patron – Single 13.50(price doesn’t change), double 27. All three are $7.50 US for a single and $15 for a double.

What is the cost of patron?

Patron Silver Tequila Prices List

Type Size Price
Patron Silver 750ml $36.99 – $39.99
1.75L $82.99 – $94.99
Patron Reposado 750ml $44.99 – $48.99
Patron Anejo 750ml $49.99 – $52.99

Is Patron Tequila cheap?

Patrón Tequila is one of the best selling tequila brands, despite its high price. A bottle of Patrón Silver starts at $50, while a top-shelf crystal bottle of Patrón en Lalique: Serie 2 can cost up to $7,500. The super premium tequila is expensive because it’s made from 100% agave and in a small batch system.

Why is Patron tequila so expensive?

Why Is Patron Expensive? Patron tequila is expensive due to the combined effects of its reputation, popularity, taste, quality and packaging. The tequila is also made from what is considered the best type of agave for spirit distilling, Blue Weber Agave.

What is the cheapest tequila?

10 Best Cheap Tequilas Under $30 For Mixing Into Drinks Or Enjoying Straight

  • El Jimador. $21.99.
  • Cazadores Reposado. $27.99.
  • Espolòn Tequila Blanco. $26.99.
  • Lunazul. $19.99.
  • Camarena Tequila. $22.99.
  • Hornitos Plata. $31.89.
  • Bribon Reposado Tequila. $26.24.
  • Tres Agaves Blanco. $29.36.

How much tequila do I need to get drunk?

But if we were to generalize, someone between 100-150 lbs (45-68 kg) will start getting drunk around 2-3 shots; between 150-200 lbs (68-91 kg), it takes around 4-5 shots; and between 200-250 lbs (90-113 kg), 6-7 shots.

What’s the most expensive tequila?

The one-of-a-kind 1.3 liter tequila bottle, dubbed “The Diamond Sterling,” is worth $3.5 million — that’s more than a million dollars per liter. According to Culture Map, the bottle was created by Tequila Ley . 925 and it’s the most expensive bottle ever put on sale. Just what makes this bottle so expensive?

How bad is tequila for you?

Moderate drinking can easily lead to excessive drinking, which increases the likelihood of risky behavior and can even put you in danger of alcohol poisoning. Long-term risks include: Alcohol dependence. High blood pressure, heart disease, or stroke.

Is tequila really healthy?

Tequila may be a comparatively healthier option than some other types of alcohol because it contains fewer calories, zero sugar, and zero carbohydrates. However, drinking any alcohol can increase the risk of developing a number of health conditions.