How much does it cost to visit Chobe National Park?

How much does it cost to visit Chobe National Park?

Non-citizen adults aged eighteen and over can expect to pay 120 BWP per person, per day to visit Chobe National Park (about $11 USD), while adult residents of Botswana pay 30 BWP (about $3 USD) and adult citizens pay just 10 BWP (about $1 USD).

How do I get from Victoria Falls to Chobe National Park?

Chobe Gate is located 6km/3mi west of Kasane and 80km/49mi west of Victoria Falls. The drive from Victoria Falls takes just over an hour. Visitors to this area usually fly into Kasane Airport (BBK), and self-drive visitors can pick up their 4×4 at the airport.

How do I get to Chobe National Park?

Chobe Gate is located six kilometres (three miles) west of Kasane, the closest city to the national park. The best way for visitors to reach Chobe National Park is to hop on a domestic flight to Kasane Airport (BBK), which is located nearby the city of Kasane and northern entrance of the park.

What is Chobe National Park known for?

Chobe National Park is known for its huge elephant herds, many of which number hundreds of individual animals. In total, there are around 120,000 elephants living within the park’s boundaries. Herds of buffalo are nearly as big, and the park is famous for its healthy population of lions.

What time does Chobe National Park open?

Border Posts

Botswana Side South African Side Opening Hours
Two Rivers Twee Rivieren 07:30-16:00
Bokspits Gemsbok 08:00-16:30
Middleputs Middelputs 07:30-16:30
McCarthy’s Rest McCarthy’s Rest 08:00-18:00

How much does it cost to enter Victoria Falls?

Current Victoria Falls Entrance Fees Zambia

Category Entrance Fee
International & SADC visitors US$ 20
Zambian visitors US$ 2
Lunar tour (all visitors) US$ 30
*All children between 6 and 16 years old pay 50% of the adult fee, and children under 6 enter free of charge

Can you self drive in Chobe National Park?

Self-drive safari Chobe National Park useful information The Chobe riverfront is the most popular route, and it’s an excellent drive. It’s the most accessible park to self-drive around. You don’t get a Chobe National Park self-drive map when you enter the reserve, but the routes are well signposted.

Why is Chobe National Park a top tourist attraction?

Chobe National Park is surely the best place in Africa to see elephants, particularly in the water. Not only is it famous for its herds of elephant, but also buffalo as well as the associated predators such as large pride of lion that have learnt to hunt them.

Are there lions in Chobe National Park?

Located in the south-western stretch of Chobe, enchanting Savute covers 1,900 square miles and is known for its high concentration of predators, in particular its pride of lions that has adapted to hunting elephants.

Is Chobe National Park a malaria area?

Chobe lies in a high-risk malaria zone, so it is advisable to take antimalarial medication. Extra safety measures that should be adhered to are using insect repellent (containing at least 30% DEET) and covering up in the evening.

Why is Tsodilo Hills a top tourist attraction?

Tsodilo Hills – a Unesco World Heritage Site Visit this untouched area in the Central Kalahari and see thousands of Bushmen (San) rock paintings at about 500 different locations. This is a site of huge archaeological importance and also a sacred area for the San people.

What to do in Chobe National Park in Zambia?

Enjoy a Zambezi River Sunset Cruise, canoeing trip, Chobe National Park Safari, helicopter flight and village tour. An exciting short tour to Zambia’s side of Victoria Falls, staying at an affordable luxury hotel. Adventure activities include Sunset Cruise, Canoeing Trip, Chobe National Park Safari, Helicopter Flight, Vic Falls and Village Tour.

What are the things to do in Livingstone Zambia?

Adventure activities include Sunset Cruise, Canoeing Trip, Chobe National Park Safari, Helicopter Flight, Vic Falls and Village Tour. An excellent value Zambia Tented Camping Safari to South Luangwa National Park.

How long is the Livingstone and Chobe Safari?

Experience the Victoria falls and Chobe National Park over 5 days on this Chobe and Livingstone safari. These are two unforgettable locations! On this exciting safari, guests spend 2 nights at David Livingstone Safari Lodge and 2 nights at Chobe Marina Lodge.

Which is the best safari in Chobe National Park?

The Chobe Safari from Livingstone takes guests to the Victoria falls, Zambezi River and Chobe National Park. This safari offers luxury accommodation. Our 6-Day Chobe Savuti Safari is a fly-in, luxury lodge safari. Explore the best Chobe National Park has to offer with this fully inclusive package.