How much does a Wii sell for 2020?

How much does a Wii sell for 2020?

A single Nintendo Wii console can sell from anywhere between $15 to $125. If it has scratches, is dirty, the buttons don’t press properly, and it’s worn, expect it to sell for $20.

Can I buy a Wii in 2020?

Why You Might Want to Consider Buying a Wii in 2020 The Wii launched for $250. Unlike the NES, the Wii’s price has only gone down, and currently, you can buy a Wii that runs perfectly fine with games already on it for $40.

How much is a Wii worth at a pawn shop?

How Much do Pawn Shops Pay for Wii? For all of 2020, the average Wii pawn value is $14. The maximum offer made on a Wii was $40. Since offers were made on Wii’s of all types of storage capacities, models and conditions, the prices in the data vary greatly.

How much can you sell a Wii for at GameStop?

Nintendo Switch trade-in values

Console Trade-in value TOTAL
Console Trade-in value TOTAL
Nintendo Wii U 32GB $120.00 $170.00 – $195.00
Nintendo Wii System – Original White $20.00 $40.00 – $50.00
Nintendo Wii System with Wii Motion Plus – White $35.00 $55.00 – $65.00

What should I do with my old Wii?

What to Do With an Old Nintendo Wii: 12 Fun DIY Ideas and…

  1. Install Homebrew on Your Old Nintendo Wii Console.
  2. Install Homebrew Wii Games and Apps.
  3. Develop Your Own Homebrew Games.
  4. Turn Your Old Wii Console Into a Children’s Media Center.
  5. Use Your Wii to Play DVDs.
  6. Turn Your Wii Into a PC With Wii-Linux.

How much does a refurbished Nintendo Wii cost?

Refurbished Nintendo Wii Console Black with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. Average Rating: ( 3.8) out of 5 stars. 4. ratings, based on 4 reviews. Current Price $224.95. $224.95. 2-day delivery. on orders $35+. Sold by Voomwa , fulfilled by Walmart.

Where can I buy a Nintendo Wii console?

While the Wii’s bright white design may have first caught the world’s attention, you’ll also find striking black and red versions via the Console Guide. carries a variety of Wii bundles that consolidate your shopping list into one convenient package, so you can spend less time online and more time playing Wii games.

Where can I buy a Nintendo Wii Remote?

CableVantage Pro Classic Game Controller Pad Console Official Nintendo Wii and Wii U Sensor Bar, 00781397 Luxmo Wii Remote Controller Motion Plus and Nunchuck . Importer520 (TM) Remote Controller Charger + 2 New B Charger Charging Dock Station + 4x 2800mAh Battery F Sold & shipped by ZMoon INC.

Are there any Wii consoles left in stock?

. Only 1 left in stock – order soon. . Only 2 left in stock – order soon. . Only 3 left in stock – order soon. . . Only 3 left in stock – order soon.