How much does a flamethrower exhaust cost?

How much does a flamethrower exhaust cost?

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This item Autoloc Flame Single Exhaust Flame Thrower Kit 2.5” Inlet Exhaust Tips Stainless Steel Muffler Car Exhaust Tail Pipe Modification Luminous Tube With Red Flame LED light 89mm(3.5in) Outlet
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How does an exhaust flamethrower work?

Car exhaust flame throwers work by interrupting the spark to the engine. This dumps raw fuel into the exhaust system. The fuel is ignited by a coil and spark plug placed right before the exhaust tip. The raw fuel strips the oil off the cylinder walls and contaminates the oil causing more wear and tear.

Are flame thrower kits bad for your car?

A: No. Installing the kit on your car and shooting flames will not damage your motor. For over 10 years we have been in the flamethrower business and have never had a customer experience any damage to an engine, paint job, or anything else attached to the ride from using our flamethrower kit.

Are flame kits legal?

Exhaust flame kits While it may sound like a great idea to have flames pouring out your exhaust pipe Fast & Furious style, it’s pretty illegal in most states with many states adopting California Code 27153 as their own mandate.

How do I make my motorcycle exhaust flame?

How to shoot flames when the motorcycle is moving

  1. You can select any gear from 2nd and up to make it easy.
  2. Release the throttle completely without pulling in the clutch.
  3. Open the throttle around 10% to 20% and keep it there.

Will a 2 step shoot flames?

The shooting flames comes from the tuning strategy used during 2-step and anti-lag or NLS to keep the turbos spooled. Run the fueling rich and retard ignition timing to get EGTs up and get the turbine spinning. Any car can do it.

How does an exhaust flame thrower kit work?

Exhaust Flame Thrower Kits burn your engine’s unburnt fuel. The unburnt fuel has been produced by our control module by momentarily interrupting your vehicle’s ignition system. This produces more unburnt fuel through the exhaust. When this happens our spark unit then ignites the fuel producing a 1-8 foot flame from your exhaust.

Which is the best Hot Licks flame thrower?

Hot Licks flame thrower kits are compact by design for easy installation. Our single exhaust flame kits and dual exhaust flame kits are perfect if you have limited space or you want a clean professional install with top of the line components.

Who is the world leader in exhaust systems?

For more than three decades, hundreds of other exhaust suppliers have attempted to copy our winning formula, but haven’t come close. Borla Performance remains the world’s leader in upgrades for performance exhaust systems.

How big does a carbureted blow torch get?

Carbureted applications can produce 12-24 inch blow torch flames. So that you know what to expect and will not be disappointed we strongly suggest you email or call us to find our more about your application and the results you can expect.