How many different species of sharks and their relatives have been identified?

How many different species of sharks and their relatives have been identified?

1,000. With fossil records dating back 400 million years, sharks have outlived the dinosaurs and many other forms of life currently on earth. There are more than 1,000 species of sharks and rays, with new species discovered every year.

Are there over 400 types of sharks?

There are over 400 species found in oceans around the world. Some of the most well-known include reef sharks, blue sharks, great white sharks and hammerhead sharks.

What are the 7 classifications of a shark?


  • Kingdom: Animalia.
  • Phylum: Chordata.
  • Class: Chrondrichthyes.
  • Order: Squatiniformes.
  • Family: Squatinidae.
  • Genus: Squatina.
  • Species: Squatina squatina (Angelshark)

What are the 8 orders of sharks?

There are hundreds of species of sharks, and they all fit into eight distinct orders: Carcharhiniformes, Heterodontiformes, Hexanchiformes, Lamniformes, Orectolobiformes, Pristiophoriformes, Squaliformes, and Squatiniformes.

What is the closest relative to a shark?

Meet the shark’s closest cousins

  • chimaeras,
  • manta ray,
  • Sawfish,
  • sharks,
  • skates,
  • stingrays.

What are baby sharks called?

What is the correct term for a baby shark? A baby shark is referred to as a pup.

Why are sharks dying?

Overfishing is the biggest threat to sharks: more than 100 million shark are killed every year, with a large number of them being caught for their fins. Sharks are also caught for their meat, liver oil, cartilage, leather and their teeth.

What are sharks mostly related to?

Like rays and skates, sharks fall into a subclass of fish called elasmobranchii. Species in this subclass have skeletons made from cartilage, not bone, and have five to seven gill slits on each side of their heads (most other fish have only one gill slit on each side), which they use to filter oxygen from the water.

What kind of sharks are there in the world?

1 CARCHARHINIFORMES. Also known as “ground sharks,” carcharhiniformes is largest order of sharks. 2 HETERODONTIFORMES. This is a small order of sharks with only nine (9) known species. 3 HEXANCHIFORMES. 4 LAMNIFORMES. 5 ORECTOLOBIFORMES. 6 PRISTIOPHORIFORMES. 7 SQUALIFORMES. 8 SQUATINIFORMES.

What kind of teeth does a shark have?

These sharks have five (5) gill slits, a large mouth with several rows of sharp teeth, two (2) dorsal fins, an anal fin, and are able to maintain a higher body temperature than the water in which they are swimming.

Why are there two Latin names for sharks?

Every species has two Latin names which allow people to be certain they are talking about the same creature no matter what language they speak. Every shark belongs to the classification Chondrichthyes which identifies them as cartilaginous fish, fish whose internal skeletons are comprised of flexible cartilage rather than bone.

What kind of shark looks like a lemon?

Bull sharks are one of the most likely species to attack humans unprovoked, and they are even known to swim into rivers and tributaries. Lemon sharks look nothing like the mouth-puckering fruit in body shape, but they are bright yellow in color, which is where they derive their name.