How many bus routes are in Edmonton?

How many bus routes are in Edmonton?

Edmonton Transit’s bus fleet encompasses over 1,000 buses, and 40 community buses. The system covers more than 180 routes. Over 6,400 ETS bus stops are located on Edmonton streets.

How late do Edmonton buses run?

Edmonton Transit provides extended service on five bus routes until approximately 3am, seven days a week.

Is transit free in Edmonton?

Fare Programs Offers a monthly transit pass to eligible low-income Edmontonians at a subsidized rate. Free monthly transit passes to individuals who are homeless or are at high risk of homelessness. Residents of Edmonton, 65+ and older qualify for an Annual Pass.

When did Edmonton Transit start?

Edmonton Transit Service/Founded

Is Edmonton transit free on Canada Day?

ETS #CanadaDay service: All buses operating on a regular Sunday schedule. LRT starts peak service at 10 a.m. through to rest of the day. Regular fares apply.

What time does the LRT stop running in Edmonton?

The LRT runs daily between 5am and 1am, with trains travelling on a five-minute frequency during rush hour time periods, ten-minute frequency midday and Saturdays, and a fifteen-minute frequency on evenings and on Sundays.

Is there public transit in Edmonton?

Public transport Transit – Edmonton Transit provides extensive bus and light rail transit (LRT) services. The LRT provides fast and convenient service to 15 stops around the city. You can pay per trip or get a day pass.

Does Edmonton have a Ctrain?

Edmonton Light Rail Transit, commonly referred to as the LRT, is a light rail system in Edmonton, Alberta. Part of the Edmonton Transit Service (ETS), the system has 18 stations on two lines and 24.3 km (15.1 mi) of track.

What is LRT stand for?


Acronym Definition
LRT Light-Rail Transit
LRT Limburg Racing Team (Netherlands)
LRT Likelihood Ratio Test
LRT Light Rapid Transit

How much is Calgary C train?

A one-way fare to access Calgary Transit’s bus and train network is C$3.15 for an adult, C$2.10 for a youth (age 6-17), and free for children under 6 (as of Jan 2015). A day pass, good for travel on the whole system for a full day, is C$9.50 for adults, C$6.75 for youths. The fare is a flat rate.

What is the last trip of LRT?

Under normal operations, the last trip for LRT-2 trains is from 8:00 p.m to 9:30 p.m.

How do I get on the Edmonton LRT?

As with boarding, you must open the train doors by pressing an adjacent lit button. As you exit, look for signs above the platform for direction. Remember to hold on to your LRT proof of payment if you’re planning to use the bus, as it can be used to transfer to a bus.