How many back handsprings are there?

How many back handsprings are there?

Mikayla Clark shattered the Guinness World Record with 44 consecutive back handsprings.

What is a backward handspring?

To successfully perform a back handspring, a gymnast must have excellent upper body strength, precise handstand position and body position, and propulsive motion from the back leg, which allows the back of the body to lead the front. …

What is the most back handsprings in a row?

The most consecutive back handsprings (one hand) is 36 and was achieved by Zama Mofokeng (South Africa), in Tembisa, South Africa, on 27 March 2021.

What is the most backflips in a row?

According to the description on the YouTube video of the stunt, the man’s name is Zama Mofokeng. The 26-year-old is a gymnast and landed 34 backflips in a row with just one hand, doing them one-right-after-another down a stretch of road.

Can anyone do a back handspring?

You need to be in a gym with a trained coach. They can spot your back handsprings, until they are comfortable with you being able to do them by yourself.

How do you spot a back handspring?

Standing Back Handspring Spot. Back handsprings can be spotted with one hand on the lower back and the other hand on the closer hamstring. If the spotter stands on the left of the gymnast the right hand goes on the back and the left hand on the nearer hamstring.

How do you do a back handspring?

How To Easily do a back handspring. To do a back handspring, raise your hands over your head in a standing position. Then, stretch your arms out in front of your while lowering yourself, with knees bent, to a simulated sitting position. Use propulsion from your legs to jump into the back handspring.

How do you learn to do a back handspring?

To learn the form for the back handspring, perform wall sit drills: Stand a couple feet away from a wall, facing away from it. Extend your arms forward at shoulder height. As you sit back into the wall, move your arms downward in a small arc, then reach them overhead when you hit the wall.

How do you do a back handspring at home?

Doing a Back Handspring Stand with your arms out in front of you. Get in a sitting position while starting to swing your arms over your head. Continue swinging your arms over your head as you push through your toes. Continue to fall backwards. Plant your hands on the floor. Swing your legs over your hands. Plant your feet on the floor. Pop up.