How long is the transfer from Innsbruck to St Anton?

How long is the transfer from Innsbruck to St Anton?

around 1 hour 15 minutes
Innsbruck to St Anton transfer time is around 1 hour 15 minutes, so your door-to-door transfer will have you at the ski resort before you know it.

How far is St Anton from airport?

St Anton is only about 75 minutes drive away from Innsbruck airport by private transfer or hire car. Friedrichshafen airport (about 90 minutes) and Zurich airport (about 2 hours) are not much further. St Anton is also easily reached by rail; the train station is just 5-minutes walk from the centre of the village.

How long is the transfer from Innsbruck to Obergurgl?

about 90 minutes
Obergurgl is easy to get to. The nearest airport is Innsbruck and transfers to the resort take about 90 minutes by private transfer or rental car.

How much is a taxi from St Anton to Lech?

The quickest way to get from St Anton am Arlberg to Lech is to taxi which costs €45 – €55 and takes 21 min.

What airport is closest to St Anton?

Nearest Airports

  • Innsbruck (ca. 100 km)
  • Memmingen (ca. 170 km)
  • Friedrichshafen (ca. 130 km)
  • Zürich (ca. 200 km)
  • München (ca. 250 km)
  • Salzburg (ca. 300 km)

Where do you fly into for St Anton?

Innsbruck Airport
Innsbruck Airport is the most popular for St Anton and the one that most package holidaymakers and independent skiers will use.

Where do you fly to get to St Anton?

Nearest Airports

  1. Innsbruck (ca. 100 km)
  2. Memmingen (ca. 170 km)
  3. Friedrichshafen (ca. 130 km)
  4. Zürich (ca. 200 km)
  5. München (ca. 250 km)
  6. Salzburg (ca. 300 km)

How do you get to St Anton from UK?

  1. Take the bus from London, Victoria Green Line Station to Luxembourg, P+R Bouillon.
  2. Take the night bus from Luxembourg, P+R Bouillon to Zurich Bus Station.
  3. Take the train from Zuerich Hb to St. Anton Am Arlberg.

Is St Anton good for beginners?

St. Anton is fine for beginners and those with little experience. Your choice , a nice resort, nightlife and usualyy fine snow conditions – enjoy it.

How expensive is St Anton?

Anton, also located in Tyrol. Average rates of 326 Euros and 323 Euros landed these ski resorts in the number two and three slots respectively.

What is the most expensive ski resort in Europe?

Courchevel 1850
It is essentially Courchevel 1850 that is the reason why Courchevel is considered the most luxurious resort in Europe and therefore, has a lifestyle of its own. Together with Méribel and Val Thorens, Courchevel is part of the largest skiing area in the world.