How long does it take to become a helicopter pilot in Australia?

How long does it take to become a helicopter pilot in Australia?

To become a helicopter pilot, you need to hold a commercial pilot license (Helicopter). You can access helicopter flight training at private flying schools across Western Australia. A commercial pilot licence course will take approximately 150 hours over 12 months full time to complete.

How much does it cost to become a helicopter pilot in Australia?

Everyone learns differently however generally the costs are as follows: Including the costs of your theory exams, typically: the cost for the PPL(H) ranges from $30,000-$35,000; and, the cost for the CPL(H) ranges from $60,000-$70,000.

How long does it take to train as a helicopter pilot?

“You need 45 hours of training plus seven written exams and practical skills tests to get a private licence, then you have to build up more hours by self-flying,” he says. “At 185 hours you can get a commercial licence which involves a lot of home study and around 15 written exams and practical tests.

How much does pilot training cost in Australia?

Costs: Joining the Australia Defence Force is the cheapest route but you must commit for at least four years. A cadetship at Qantas costs up to $87,000. Flying school will cost about $28,000 for a basic commercial pilot’s licence.

What do helicopter pilots earn in Australia?

The highest salary for a Helicopter Pilot in Australia is $180,000 per year.

Is helicopter training hard?

Learning to fly a helicopter is difficult, but becomes easier with practice. It requires hand and feet coordination, looking where to go, talking to air traffic control, and planning ahead. The average student takes between 50 – 80 hours and costs between $15,000 – $25,000.

Is Australia good for pilot training?

Of all the aviation schools in Australia ANAC provides flight training Australia to the highest standards so that graduates have the skills required to work for airlines throughout the world. It’s large fleet of well maintained aircraft, experienced instructors and great location make it a flight school to consider.

How hard is it to become a pilot in Australia?

As a rough average, it will take a student 55-60 hours of training to qualify for a private pilot licence, the minimum required being 40 hours. If you are training full time, this usually takes around 2 months. If you are training part-time, it will take around 12 months if you train for just over 1 hour per week.

Do you have to be smart to be a helicopter pilot?

Just how smart do you really have to be to learn to fly helicopters? Well you have to be smart enough to pass the written and oral exams, and smart enough not to kill yourself.