How long does DHA DataFlow take?

How long does DHA DataFlow take?

What is the timeframe required by the DataFlow Group to complete the PSV application? The standard timeframe for completing an application is approximately 30 working days upon receiving the payment.

What is data flow for Dubai?

DataFlow Group is a Dubai-based company that provides document verification and background screening and immigration compliance services. Recently, DataFlow Group document verification services have been criticized due to deterioration in service quality, excessive delays in processing times and poor transparency.

Can I write DHA exam before DataFlow?

Dataflow: Dataflow is an International company that checks the certificates on behalf of the service. Once verification completed, DHA will send u the Data Flow report of PSV(primary source verification). In the meanwhile, we will book your exam date before the verification report.

How do I contact DHA DataFlow?

Contact: Phone Number: +974 4495 8215.

How many years is the validity of dataflow?

Your Dataflow report never expires. It’s important to note, though, that it only verifies your credentials for up to a certain date, which is the date when you paid for your verification.

What is PSV report for DHA?

Primary Source Verification (PSV) is the act of verifying the applicant documents directly from the original or primary source by a specialized international company called “Dataflow”. Verification will be for educational certificates, experience, health license and good standing certificate.

How make data flow in Dubai?

The DataFlow Group Support Centre

  1. Personal Details Page. Fill in your personal details. Make sure to fill all the mandatory fields marked with a red asterisk.
  2. Letter of Authorization (LOA) Step 1 – Print the LOA form.
  3. Create A Case. Select the case type as “ Transfer a previous DataFlow Case”
  4. Payment Page.

How do I contact DataFlow in Qatar?

The DataFlow Group Support Centre Contact: Phone Number: +974 4495 8215. Email: [email protected]