How is HP fan motor calculated?

How is HP fan motor calculated?


  1. Output Power. BHP = Q x SP / (6356 x Fan Ef f.) • BHP = Break Horsepower.
  2. Fan Motor Horsepower. Motor HP = BHP / MotorEFF. • BHP = Break Horsepower.
  3. Tip Speed. Ts = 3.14 x D x N. • Ts = Fan tip speed, FPM.
  4. V-belt Length Formula. Once a sheave combination is selected we can calculate approximate belt length.

How do you convert CFM to HP?

Conversion chart – atmosphere cubic feet / minute to Mechanical horsepower

  1. atmosphere cubic foot per minute to Mechanical horsepower = 0.064 hp I.
  2. atmosphere cubic feet / minute to Mechanical horsepower = 0.13 hp I.
  3. atmosphere cubic feet / minute to Mechanical horsepower = 0.19 hp I.

How many CFM do I need for 300 hp?

Flow(cfm @ 28 in) PowerPotential (hp)
150 308.6
200 411.4
250 514.3
300 617.1

How do you calculate motor horsepower from CFM?

If you know how much horsepower your motor makes, you can estimate its air flow in cubic feet per minute (CFM). For example, a 1,600 cc motor in a good state of tune requires about 54 cubic feet per minute to make 78 horsepower.

How do I know my BHP fan?

  1. You can calculate the fan BHP by using the following equation.
  2. BHP = (Q(CFM)xSGxSP(in mmWG))/(6356 x Fan efficiency)
  3. Where,
  4. Q= Rate of flow (CFM)
  5. SG=Specific Gravity (For Air =1)
  6. SP=Static Pressure (in mmWG)
  7. You can consider the fan efficiency if you do not know it, it must be in range of 65-80%.

How do I calculate engine fan size?

  1. P = (Q x p)/(229 x ) or.
  2. P = (Q x PF)/(33,000 x ) or.
  3. P = (Q x Pw)/(6356 x ) Where: P = Power, hp. Q = Flow Rate, cfm. p = Pressure, lb/in2 Pf = Pressure, lb/ft2 Pw = Water Gauge, Inches. = Efficiency coefficient.

Can you convert HP to CFM?

The atmosphere cubic feet / minute unit number 15.59 atm cfm converts to 1 hp I, one Mechanical horsepower. It is the EQUAL power value of 1 Mechanical horsepower but in the atmosphere cubic feet / minute power unit alternative.

How do you calculate fan hp?

Divide the fan’s power consumption, measured in kilowatts, by 0.746 to convert it to horsepower. If, for instance, a fan consumes 4 kW: 4 / 0.746 = 5.36 horsepower. Multiply the result by the fan’s efficiency.

How to calculate max HP?

Part 1 of 3: Calculating The Horsepower Of Your Car Get your car’s torque numbers. Look under the “technical specs” section, or look for “torque” in the index of the owner’s manual, and it will give you the torque Find your car’s engine speed. This can also be found in your owner’s manual. Multiply the torque by the engine speed. Divide the product by 5,252.

How do you convert amps to horsepower?

How to Convert Amps to Horsepower. The conversion from amps, a measure of electric current, to horsepower, a measure of power output by a motor, can be done using a fairly simple formula. Horsepower = (Amps × Volts × Efficiency) ÷ 746.

How do you calculate engine horsepower?

The basic formula to calculate horsepower is: Horsepower= Torque × Speed / 5252. Use this formula to check average car horsepower. Another method to check the power of your vehicle is by checking the size of the engine and number of the cylinder it consists.