How does the Marco Polo family plan work?

How does the Marco Polo family plan work?

With each Marco Polo Plus annual subscription, you receive 6 Plus Passes to gift your friends and family. Each Plus Pass gives your recipients 2 months of Marco Polo Plus, totally free of charge. To access Plus Passes and start gifting, go to Settings in your app.

Is there a way to share a Marco Polo?

Send video messages to a friend or group If you know how to send videos on the Marco Polo app, you can share special moments with your friends and family from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. It’s even possible to send live video messages to multiple contacts at once.

How do I add someone to my Marco Polo family plan?

How can I add members to my Plus Family plan? If you tap into your Marco Polo settings tab within Marco Polo, you’ll see the option for “Plus Subscription” tap here. From here you should see the option to add and remove people, manage your guest passes, or manage your subscription.

How many people can be on the Marco Polo family plan?

One person, the Marco Polo Plus Family account holder, can invite five additional friends and family members – an opportunity to easily be generous with the people closest to you. That’s six Plus accounts for just $20 per person per year – one-third the cost of an individual annual subscription!

Is Marco Polo free to use?

Marco Polo is free to use, though it offers a $9.99 monthly subscription that gives people long-term access to their old videos and chats.

How do you share Marco Polo Plus?

Here’s how to share:

  1. You’ll find Plus Passes under Settings > Plus Subscription.
  2. You’ll receive 6 Plus Passes to give friends and family.
  3. Tap on Give Plus Passes.
  4. Select the friend you’d like to gift Plus to!
  5. Confirm who you’d like to share Plus with.

How do I add contacts to Marco Polo?

To add friends, simply tap on the Contacts icon located on the bottom bar of your home screen. A list of contacts from your device will be displayed. Here you can select which person you’d like to connect with!

Can I have Marco Polo on two devices?

You can connect with friends and family on both Android and Apple (iOS) devices.

How many users does Marco Polo have?

Publicly, Marco Polo says it has “millions” of users and 3 billion messages sent to date. Across its 1.7 million user reviews on both app stores, the app averages a 4.8 rating. The new subscription program is only one way Marco Polo is working to gain traction for its app in the coronavirus era.

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