How do you zoom in World of Tanks?

How do you zoom in World of Tanks?

In case you’ve somehow forgotten about the lessons learnt in the ‘Battle Training’ tutorial, simply press the Shift key to go into zoom mode, or turn the mouse wheel to do so. Once you’re in Zoom mode, you’re free to adjust the magnification using the mouse wheel.

Are mods allowed in World of Tanks?

Let’s take the game seriously and play fair! Just remember: players who are caught using forbidden mods for the first time, will receive a warning and a suspension of 7 days. Players found using them for the second time will be permanently banned. Say “No” to cheating, and earn your stripes through skill and teamwork.

What is Zoom Out mod legal?

A mod that allows the player not only to Zoom-Out but also to change the view angle, to escape out of the normal view line (even slightly) should be illegal/forbidden (for sure).

What is Xvm mod World of Tanks?

XVM: eXtended Visualization Mod is a battle interface modification for the popular MMO, World of Tanks. There are over 3 700 000 players using the mod worldwide, with new installations every minute. XVM is a completely free modification with open source code under the GNU GPL v3 license.

Where do you aim in World of Tanks?

Try to aim where the turret meets the top of the tank, as this is often a weak point, even on high-tier tanks. While each tank has specifics weak points, it will not adversely affect your performance in World of Tanks if you do not aim at the weak points on low-tier tanks.

What is the best mod for wot?

the best World of Tanks mod packs

  • Aslain’s WoT Modpack.
  • 1D6 XVM ModPack.
  • Solo’s Easy ModPack.
  • OldSkool’s ProMod.
  • WGMods Essentials.

Is Xvm illegal?

The eXtended Visualisation Mod or “XVM” XVM is free and uses open source code under the GNU GPL v3 license.

How do I get Xvm to work?

XVM Installation and Configuration To install, simply unpack the downloaded mod archive into the folder that contains the World of Tanks game files. The modification is now installed and ready for use. Instructions for setting it up are inside. You can use pre-configured examples from active mod users.

How do I install WOT mods?

For nearly every World of Tanks mod, you’ll simply have to download, then place it in your mods folder under the current version of the game (as of the time of this writing, that would be the 1.9. 0.2 folder). Once you’ve done this, restart your game and everything should work just fine.

How do you auto aim in WOT console?

In case you’ve forgotten all about the tutorial, Autoaim allows you to automatically target an enemy vehicle at all times, leaving you free to control your tank’s position while waiting for a good firing position. To activate Autoaim, simply right-click on your intended target when your reticle is hovering over it.

Where can I hit a tank?

Is there a zoomx X30 mod for world of tanks?

It was at that time that the ZoomX X30 mod: increased aim zoom ratio for World of Tanks began to be popular and entered into many modpacks and custom assemblies. At the moment, the user’s choice is provided with four variations of this mod with different multiplicity of the sight – two versions of the x30 sight and two versions of the x16.

How to increase zoom ratio in World of tanks?

In the fast version you will get 9 and 4 steps of magnification, and in the smooth version – 10 and 5, respectively. fast zoom mod х16 (2 4 8 16). If none of the possible presets does not suit you – you can enter the necessary multiplicity values in the mod configuration file itself, which is located at:

Which is the best mod for world of tanks?

Very useful item for professionals. Modification x60 Zoom for World of tanks suitable for all lovers of the leisurely game, the main task of which is to fight, for as long as possible to remain unnoticed. Mod with zoom function for arty Battle Assistant opens the new features when playing artillery.

What does commander camera commander do in WOT?

There are mods which change the parameters of the distance the camera up – the so-called commander camera commander or review. It will allow aerial flight to assess the situation that has developed on the battlefield of WOT.