How do you wish someone well in Persian?

How do you wish someone well in Persian?

phrase بهترین آرزوها. best wishes, Best wishes.

Who is the Persian god of war?

In Zoroastrian texts, Verethraghna appears as an agent of Mithra and Rashnu, the god of justice, and as the means of vengeance for Mithra in his capacity of god of war. Verethraghna was an especially popular deity in Sāsānian Iran, where five kings bore his name.

What does doret Begardam mean?

9. Persian “دورت بگردم” (doret begardam): Another poetic Persian phrase, this one translates literally to: “let me circle around you”, in effect, meaning, “I would do anything for you”.

How do you say I wish you best in Farsi?

‘Arezu’ / arezoo ( pronounced Ah-reh-zoo) means wish. Here it’s used as a noun that replaces an entire verbal phrase. That is, instead of saying “I wish the best” and use arezu as a verb.

How do you say pretty girl in Farsi?

It is خوشگل [xoshgel] (=pretty) or خوشگله (= [she] is pretty).

Who kills Zahhak?

He was finally subdued by a blow to the head by Fareydun, with Kaveh and his son beside him (as Zahhak had dreamed, that three men would arrest him as the youngest delivers him the immobilizing blow).

What does Olagh mean in Persian?

olaq or olâğ ( الاغ ) donkey, ass. This word entered Persian from Turkic languages.

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