How do you get Landorus in Pokemon Rumble Blast?

How do you get Landorus in Pokemon Rumble Blast?


  1. Just keep trying! For Landorus to appear you need defeat both Tornadus and Thunderus which you’ve already done.
  2. Use a speedy, speedy+ or speedy++ pokemon and just keep running through the map until u find it but dont fight the normal boss just return to town and keep trying. User Info: MythicHeros.

What is the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Rumble world?

Since arceus is the major and strongest pokemon their, can you give me an estimate on what attack power it can have.

Can you evolve Pokemon in Rumble Blast?

1 Answer. yes they can but you need to collect multiple toys of their pre-evolution. for example i think to evolve a oshawott into a dewott you have to collect seven oshawott and trade them in.

Why was Pokemon Rumble rush terminated?

Gone are the listings for the game in the mobile markets as service for Pokemon Rumble Rush ended to make it so that people couldn’t download the game anymore nor can they play whatever version of it they have on their devices.

How do you get mew in Pokemon Rumble Blast?

To get Mew you must have at least 80 visitors to your toy shop. Once you have 80 you will need to go to 4-3 Sunny Seashore and into the factory. Good luck!

What is the password for Pokemon Rumble world?

Password List

Password Gift Obtained at
09383536 Slowbro Official Site
56770827 Zoroark Official Site
45177014 Eevee Pokémon Newsletter
08804218 Chespin Official Facebook

Can you transfer Pokemon from rumble?

Like the previous game, Pokémon Rumble Blast has a method for you to obtain Pokémon’s evolutions without having to go through the levels….Japanese Promos.

Transfer Receive
Give 7 of the same Pokémon Species Next Evolution of the Pokémon

How do you mega evolve in Pokemon Rumble?

Once you reach Rank 33 and complete the challenge, you will receive the Stone Shop that lets you give a Pokémon a Mega Stone for 5 Poké Diamonds. Then, if you press the button with a Mega Evolution-capable Pokémon, a cutscene will occur where your Mii activates their Mega Ring and the Pokémon will Mega Evolve.