How do you convert m3 to CFM?

How do you convert m3 to CFM?

How do you convert m3/hr to CFM? Example: An air purifier can produce an airflow of 200 meter cube per hour. That converts to 200/1.699 = 118 CFM….Meter Cube Per Hour To CFM Conversion Chart.

Meter Cube Per Hour (m3/hr) CFM
How many CFM is 100 m3/hr? 58.86 CFM
How many CFM is 200 m3/hr? 117.72 CFM

What is CFM to cubic meter per hour?

1 Cubic foot per minute (cfm) is equal to 1.69901082 cubic meters per hour (m3/h). To convert cubic feet per minute to cubic meters per hour, multiply the cubic feet per minute value by 1.69901082.

What is normal cubic meter per hour?

SI unit for volumetric flow rate of air or gas at a temperature of 0 °C and pressure of 101,3 kPa, expressed in cubic metres per hour.

Is cfm the same as m3 HR?

The SI unit can easily be converted to cubic feet per minute (CFM): One m³/h is ~0.589 CFM and one CFM is ~1.699 m³/h.

How do you calculate m3 per hour?

Conversion table

  1. m3/h = 0.277778 L/s.
  2. m3/h = 0.555556 L/s.
  3. m3/h = 0.833333 L/s.
  4. m3/h = 1.111111 L/s.
  5. m3/h = 1.388889 L/s.
  6. m3/h = 1.666667 L/s.
  7. m3/h = 1.944444 L/s.
  8. m3/h = 2.222222 L/s.

How many liters are in a 1 cubic meter container?

1000 liters
1 cubic meter is 1000 liters.

How to convert cubic meter per hour to CFM?

Cubic Feet Per Minute (cfm) and Cubic Meter Per Hour (cmh) are the units of volumetric capacity. The units measure the movement of volume of liquid per unit time. Use this online m 3 /h to CFM Calculator to convert Cubic Meter Per Hour to Cubic Feet Per Minute (CMH to CFM).

How many cubic feet per minute is normal?

Convert normal cubic meters per hour to standard cubic feet per minute The conversion factor for normal cubic meters per hour to standard cubic feet per minute is 0.622. So, if a flow is measured at 11 normal cubic meters per hour, this converts to 17.7 standard cubic feet per minute.

How many million cubic feet of gas per hour?

Nm3/h Million standard cubic feet of gas per day MMSCFD = 1 MMSCFD 694.44 SCFM 1,177.17 Sm³/h 1,115.89 Nm³/h Standard cubic feet per minute (gas) SCFM 0.001 44 MMSCFD = 1 SCFM 1.695 128 149 Sm³/h 1.606 886 184 Nm³/h Standard cubic metre per hour at 15 deg. C Sm3/hr 0.000 849 493 MMSCFD 0.589 925 901 SCFM = 1 Sm³/h 0.947 943 779 Nm³/h

Which is more 1 cfm or 1 liter per minute?

The higher the number, the more air is being forced through the system. The volumetric flow rate of a liquid or gas in cubic feet per minute. 1 CFM equals approximately 0.47 liter per second.