How do you buy WildCoins?

How do you buy WildCoins?

Purchase a game using WildCoins

  1. Open the WildTangent Games App and sign in to your account.
  2. Locate the game you want to buy and click “Buy Now”.
  3. On the purchase page, you may be offered to join our WildCoins Plan.
  4. Enter your WildTangent Account Password.
  5. Click “Confirm” to complete your purchase.

Does WildTangent have viruses?

Wild Tangent is technically not considered spyware or malware. It is actually a web driver used for many online and offline games. However, because it does use built-in modules allowing it to collect information about your computer and update automatically, you may not be comfortable having it on your system.

Can you play WildTangent games offline?

How can you play offline without WildCoins? After you purchase, download, and unlock a game (while online), you will have access to playing the game while your PC is offline.

Is WildTangent safe?

WildTangent software is sometimes erroneously flagged as unsafe by security software. Rest assured, the WildTangent Games Application, and the games you download are 100% safe. The Games App is complex, and when you unlock games, or use WildCoins, and watch an ad, your computer is communicating with WildTangent.

How can I get free WildCoins?

Go to the WildCoins website (see References). Select the “Register” option, and fill in the required information to register an account with the website. Log into the website, and download one of the website’s new games. Along with the game, you will receive free WildCoins with the download.

How do I get Wildtangent games for free?

Wild Tangent offers downloadable games for your PC as well as free online games through their Wild Tangent Orb Wild Games website. All of the games are offered with a free trial, as well as a purchase option. The free trial does have its limitations. You can play any game for free twice.

How do I download WildTangent?

Click “Sign In” enter your login information. When signed into your account on the WildTangent Games App, Click Account and you will arrive on the Purchase History page. You will see a list of your game purchases under the title Bought Games with Download to the right. Simply click Download and follow the prompts.

Can I remove WildTangent games?

You can manually uninstall WildTangent games by using your operating system’s uninstall feature. Click “Uninstall/Change” at the top of the window (This text may say “Change/Remove” depending on your Operating System.). We will present a list of games installed on your computer. Check the game(s) you wish to uninstall.

Are WildTangent games free?

WildTangent Games – Free download and software reviews – CNET Download.

How much is a wild tangent membership?

Membership Program Overview: For just $7.99 USD a month, you will immediately enjoy the following benefits: ✔️ 30% discount on game purchases and rental. ✔️ Access to our unlimited play library with over 2,300 games to choose from. New game added weekly!

Do I need WildTangent games app?

Before you uninstall the WildTangent Games Application from your Windows PC, please note: you must have the WildTangent Games App installed to play our games (including purchased games).

Can I uninstall Wild Tangent games?