How do I get a free MBTA card?

How do I get a free MBTA card?

Eligible residents can sign up through the city’s website or by texting “free ride” to 866-396-0122.

How much does at pass cost?

TRAVEL PASSES AND CHARLIE CARDS There is a daily pass for $12.00 a day and a monthly pass cost $84.50 a month. The best deal is the weekly even if you are only staying for two or three days because after using it for 5 round trips, every other trip is free.

What is the difference between a Charlie Card and a Charlie ticket?

CharlieCards are reusable cards that can be loaded with cash value or passes to pay bus and subway fares. CharlieTicket, a paper ticket that can be loaded with subway, bus, Commuter Rail, and ferry tickets or passes.

Can military ride LIRR for free?

Disabled or Decorated Veterans It provides qualified U.S. military veterans with free, unlimited rides on our light-rail, local bus and Park & Ride service.

Are MBTA shuttles free?

Transfers between Express Bus routes 352, 354, 505 and another Express Bus route are also free if you tell the driver before you tap. For all other combinations, you will pay the full CharlieCard fare for each mode you travel on.

Can I use my MBTA Commuter Rail pass on the subway?

Can I use my monthly pass on the subway and bus? Yes, unless your pass is on mTicket. mTicket passes are only valid for travel on the Commuter Rail. All Commuter Rail passes above Zone 1A can be used on Express Buses as well.

What is a monthly local bus pass?

Monthly Local Bus passes are valid for travel on all Local Bus routes, SL4, and SL5, and include unlimited transfers between them. Please note that Local Bus passes are not valid on SL1, SL2, and SL3—you will need to pay the full subway fare for these routes.

How do I pay for the MBTA Bus?

On all MBTA buses, you can pay your fare in cash with coins or bills, up to $20. To pay your fare, tell the driver you are paying in cash, and insert the amount displayed on the fare box. Tip! If you pay $0.50 or more over the required one-way fare, the change will be loaded onto a CharlieTicket and dispensed from the fare box.

Where can I purchase a custom pass for the MBTA?

Passes are also available for purchase at MBTA pass sales offices and retail sales locations. Click here for a list of distribution locations. Many passes (Interzone passes excluded) are also available for purchase at any of the fare vending machines at our stations.

How do I reload my MBTA CharlieCard?

You can try again or visit a fare vending machine to reload your ticket or pass. On all MBTA buses, you can add cash value to your CharlieCard with coins or bills, up to $20. You cannot buy or reload 1-day, 7-day, or monthly passes at onboard fare boxes.