Does Brendon know about the milk fic?

Does Brendon know about the milk fic?

Brendon, during the period when he frequently live streamed on Periscope, acknowledged that he was aware of the fic. Dan Howell mentions “recreating the milk fic” to a horrified Phil Lester (implying that they both know full well what it entails) during one of Phil’s videos.

Who wrote the milk fanfic?

Who is Druscilla Ryan? She is the author of the milk fic.

What is Throam panic at the disco?

THROAM stands for the heart rate of a mouse. It’s set in the 70s, and is about Ryan Ross’ band, and how Brendon is their new gay roadie. Ryan has a girlfriend, and isn’t gay (wink wink). The book is about their romance basically, it spans a few years.

Who is Ryden panic at the disco?

Brendon/Ryan, also known as Ryden, is a popular Bandom slash ship, pairing lead singer Brendon Urie with lead guitarist and lyricist Ryan Ross of the band Panic! at the Disco. It was the most popular Panic ship until the band split in 2009.

Who is in the milk fic?

The Milk Fic – definition The Milk Fic is a short two part story about Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie. It consists of Ryan drinking a ton of milk and then “releasing” it, to make his rear taste better.

What is hat fic?

The Hat Fic is a fanfiction written about Dan Howell and Phil Lester. In this terrifying story, Phil decides to buy a hamster for him and his roommate Dan, and he decides to call it Striker. Dan acts weird when Phil shows him the hamster, and in the middle of the night, Phil wakes up naked and tied to a chair.

What is the hat fic?

How many words is the milk fic?

Word Count: ~3500.

What is the heart rate of a mouse?

310-840 beats per minute

Normative Values for Mice
Lifespan 1-3 years
Heart rate 310-840 beats per minute
Respiratory rate 80-230 breaths per minute
Body temperature 36.5-38°C

Who wrote Throam?

Anna Green, author of THROAM, has responded to and/or reblogged all of those instances (see previous citations). See the The Heart Rate of a Mouse and THROAM Tumblr tags for recent posts about THROAM.

What happened in Cape Town panic at the disco?

The Tragic Love Life of Ryan Ross: Part 5 (Masterpost) This is the story of What Really Happened in Cape Town™. In April of 2009, Panic at the Disco were finishing their tour circuit for Pretty. and Ryan Ross was still emotionally damaged from his relationship (and breakup) with Keltie Colleen.

What is the chair fic?

The Chair Fic by strykeroptic – As described on Urban Dictionary: The chair fic is mentally scarring for even hardcore phan shippers. In the chair fic, Phil is basically possessed by a chair, and forced to do horrible things to Dan, involving things like physical abuse, snakes, ants, boiling oil, ect.

Who was the fan that catfished Ryan Ross?

– Pathetic! at the Disco In 2012, an obsessive Panic! at the Disco fan named Chelsey Lynn used the powers of the internet to forcibly insert herself into the lives of her favorite band members—most notably catfishing Ryan Ross for about nine months under the guise of being Brendon Urie. Yes, this really happened.

What did Brendon Urie do to Ryan Ross?

Urie calls it “stage gay,” others call it sexual assault. Apparently, the singer admitted to kissing his former bandmate, Ryan Ross, on the lips and on his neck on-stage, despite the fact that Ryan said he didn’t like it, according to @dinasapphic. He also admitted to doing this in front of their friends, after drinking a few beers.

How did Ryan Ross get Fooled by a fan?

Ryan was naively receptive to the idea, and began texting who he thought was his former best friend. Chelsey was so obsessed with Brendon that she could mimic his speech patterns, to the point that Ryan was completely fooled.

Why did Ryan Ross want to be friends with Brendon?

It is very telling that Ryan thought he could be friends with Brendon again specifically because the person texting back was not, in fact, Brendon. This horrible betrayal of Ryan’s confidence probably gave him a chance to reevaluate whether he’d want to be friends with Brendon again.