Does Apple still sell the iPhone 6S Plus?

Does Apple still sell the iPhone 6S Plus?

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus were succeeded by the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on September 7, 2016 and were discontinued with the announcement of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR on September 12, 2018.

How much is a used iPhone 6S Plus?

Condition Quotes: iPhone 6/6S Best Used Price

Model Excellent Cracked Screen
6S Plus – 16GB $96 $40
6S Plus – 32GB $96 $43
6S Plus – 64GB $103 $43
6S Plus – 128GB $108 $48

How much does iPhone 6S plus cost in UK?

The best price for Apple iPhone 6s Plus 64GB right now is £141.00….Price and product information.

Brand Apple
Release year 2015
Storage space 64 GB
4G (LTE) Yes
Touchscreen Yes

Is it worth it to buy iPhone 6 Plus in 2020?

The iPhone 6 is not a bad phone in 2020 if you are an extremely light user or you just need a second smartphone for basic tasks. It has the latest iOS 13 software update, meaning it’ll do everything what a modern iPhone should without any compromises.

How much is an iPhone 6s Plus worth for trade in?

Get credit toward a purchase today.

Your device Estimated trade-in value*
iPhone 7 Up to $70
iPhone 6s Plus Up to $70
iPhone 6s Up to $50
iPhone 6 Plus Up to $40

How Much Is iPhone 6s Plus in dollars?

iPhone 6S Plus Best Prices September 2021

Carrier Price in USA
iPhone 6S Plus, Sprint $168
iPhone 6S Plus, T-Mobile $129
iPhone 6S Plus, Unlocked $120
iPhone 6S Plus, Verizon $115

How much is a iPhone 6S Plus in 2021?

Current Apple iPhone 6S Plus prices start at $95 as of August 2021….iPhone 6S Plus Best Prices August 2021.

Carrier Price in USA
iPhone 6S Plus, Unlocked $128
iPhone 6S Plus, Verizon $120

Is there a way to unlock iPhone 6S Plus for free?

This article will show you the best method to unlock iPhone 6S Plus free within 3 minutes, using our unlock code generator called Unlocky. It is free to use and it’s a permanent unlocking method by IMEI. How to unlock Apple iPhone 6S Plus was the first question who brought you on this page, right? Your search is over here!

How big is the iPhone 6S Plus in Oz?

Of course, a larger phone means extra weight but not much. The 6s weighs 4.55 oz, and the 6s Plus is at 6.07 oz. With an unlocked iPhone 6s Plus, users are able to connect to any 4G LTE network with ease. Save money when you shop for unlocked GSM phones from sellers on eBay that offers cheap iPhones; compared to retail prices.

Is the iPhone 6S Plus compatible with any carrier?

Every major mobile carrier supports the iPhone 6s Plus 128GB. You can search by category to find iPhone 6s Plus devices that are compatible with the carrier of your choosing. iPhone 6s Plus unlocked phones work with any carrier. How do you compare the iPhone 6S Plus 128GB price new and used?

Is it worth buying iPhone 6S Plus 128GB?

You may choose a used device if you are on a limited budget and still want all the benefits of having an iPhone 6s Plus 128GB. A new-in-box iPhone 6s Plus is in pristine condition with all original materials and fetches the highest price in comparison. The deeper the used condition, the lower the iPhone 6s Plus 128GB price tends to be.