Can you live in a bothy?

Can you live in a bothy?

‘ Warm welcome, clean and tidy bothy; it’s going to be even better than you thought. Thankfully, we aren’t faced with the opposite scenario: bothy trashed and full of rubbish and/or folk in residence who think it’s a matter of ‘first comers have the bothy’. Our bothies are open to everyone whether members or not.

Where can I find bothies?

Bothies are primitive shelters found primarily in Scotland (particularly in the Highlands) but also in remote parts of Wales and northern England.

How do I book a bothy?

We don’t have a booking system. Bothies are open for anyone to use. Just turn up. People using a bothy must expect others to arrive looking for shelter and make room for them if that happens.

Is a bothy free?

They’re free, simple shelters in remote country that anyone can use. But bothies can be much more than just a place to sleep – at their best they represent a culture and a community. They are free to use, open to all and maintained by the generosity of members and the wider bothy community.

What should I bring to bothy?

There is rarely any running water and never any electricity in a bothy, so stove, fuel, water, food and sleeping gear need to be carried in. Equally it’s crucial to carry out any litter, including soiled toilet paper (unless you burn it) with you.

Why is it called a bothy?

Etymology. The etymology of the word bothy is uncertain. Suggestions include a relation to both “hut” as in Irish bothán and Scottish Gaelic bothan or bothag; a corruption of the Welsh term bwthyn, also meaning small cottage; and a derivation from Norse būð, cognate with English booth with a diminutive ending.

What is a bothy building?

A bothy is a basic shelter, usually left unlocked and available for anyone to use free of charge. It was also a term for basic accommodation, usually for gardeners or other workers on an estate. Bothies are found in remote mountainous areas of Scotland, Northern England, Ulster, Wales and the Isle of Man.

Whats a bothy in Ireland?

A bothy is a rudimentary, weatherproof shelter, often an abandoned dwelling that has been patched up and left unlocked as a refuge for travellers and those working the land. Most often associated with the Scottish Highlands, bothies can also be found much farther afield, including Ireland.

Can I buy a bothy?

These beautiful and versatile Bothy’s are available to order, whether you’re thinking of renting it out to visitors or having it at the bottom of the garden for an office space or retreat of your very own.