Why is my weed wacker not working?

Why is my weed wacker not working?

When an electric Weed Eater trimmer won’t start, sometimes the most probable cause actually is the cause. Check an electric trimmer to ensure its extension cord is plugged firmly into the machine and plugged firmly into an electrical outlet. A faulty extension cord also may be the problem.

What size line does a Poulan Weed Eater use?

Using the correct diameter line is critical to the performance of your string trimmer — Poulan spool feature a . 080-inch diameter line.

What do you do when your weed eater won’t start?

On Troubleshooting Weed Eater Won’t Start First thing in the spring, you should add fresh fuel, clean or replacing the air filter, and double-check the spark plug, as well as the carburetor. In the case of a four-cycle engine, you should also give it a fresh oil change with a new oil filter.

Why does my Ryobi battery weed eater won’t stay running?

When your Ryobi weed wacker won’t stay running, the problem is usually based on fuel or airflow and can be solved by either adjusting the carburetor or replacing any damaged parts that make up the fuel system. A carburetor rebuild, fuel intake adjustment, or part replacement can solve the problem.

Can you leave gas in a weed eater?

Gas-Powered Weed Eater Gas-powered weed eaters run on, you guessed it, gasoline. This means there’s an engine, carburetor and air filters, its important not leave your weed eater on it’s side as you could accidentally flood the engine or cause internal damage.

Why does my Ryobi battery Weed Eater won’t stay running?

How long to wait if weed eater is flooded?

If you flood your car’s engine, you often have no recourse but to wait 10 or 20 minutes for the gas to drain from the carburetor before the engine will start, but that isn’t necessary with a string trimmer. A simple procedure should get the engine going without any delay at all.

Why does my weed eater only run on full choke?

When your trimmer starts and runs on choke, it could be because the check valve in the gas cap is clogged. Start the trimmer and gently unscrew the gas cap halfway off. Turn the choke off and assess. If the engine is still running, that means the gas cap may be the culprit.

Why does my electric weed eater keep dying?

Air Circulation The engine draws air into the combustion chamber through the intake port, and if the air filter is dirty, combustion is partial and the trimmer will sputter and die. When the spark arrestor is clogged, the engine can’t get rid of its exhaust gases, and it won’t keep running.

What kind of engine does a Poulan Pro Trimmer have?

Poulan Pro trimmers boast features that ensure there’s a unit that’s perfect for every job. Featues a 28cc, 2 stroke engine with a straight shaft and 17″ cut path. Our attachment capable trimmers, with Pro -Link, are designed to accept 6 optional attachments that make them even more versatile.

Where can I buy Poulan outdoor power equipment?

Our products are built with pride in our factories in McRae, Georgia, Nashville, Arkansas and Orangeburg, SC. You can find Poulan Pro products both in-store and online at home improvement retailers, hardware stores, and mass merchants all over North America.

How to use the Poulan Pro pr28sd hedge trimmer?

Simply tap trimmer head on ground for automatic line feeding/extending. No confusing choke allows for easy, no-fuss starts every time. Six optional trimmer attachments (edger, blower, brush cutter, polesaw, hedge trimmer, cultivator) that quickly converts your trimmer to other attachments. Just click and go – no tools required. . . . .

What kind of warranty does a Poulan Pro have?

Consumers who purchase two-stroke gasoline powered Poulan Pro branded handheld products, including: chainsaws, blowers, hedge trimmers, pole saws and trimmers can extend their product warranty from the standard 2 years to a 3 year limited warranty.