Who were the original members of the band Traffic?

Who were the original members of the band Traffic?

Traffic was formed in 1967 when Winwood, still a teen but already a veteran of the Spencer Davis Group, hooked up with Capaldi, guitarist Dave Mason, and saxophone and flute player Chris Wood.

Who was the drummer for traffic?

Jim Capaldi
Walfredo Reyes Jr.

Who was the lead guitarist for traffic?

Steve Winwood
Dave MasonMichael J McEvoy

What was traffic’s biggest hit?

Top 10 Traffic Songs

  • ‘Freedom Rider’
  • ‘Feelin’ Alright’
  • ‘Rock & Roll Stew’
  • ‘John Barleycorn’ From ‘John Barleycorn Must Die’ (1970)
  • ‘Medicated Goo’ From ‘Last Exit’ (1969)
  • ‘(Roamin’ Thru the Gloamin’ With) 40,000 Headmen’ From ‘Traffic’ (1968)
  • ‘You Can All Join In’ From ‘Traffic’ (1968)
  • ‘Paper Sun’ From 1967 single.

Why did Jim Capaldi stop playing drums in Traffic?

Though classic albums like Mr. Fantasy and John Barleycorn Must Die featured Capaldi’s creative and explosive set work, on subsequent Traffic records he would make the rare move out from behind the drums. But soon after, Jim began suffering from the illness that he would eventually succumb to.

Is Lewis Capaldi Jim Capaldi son?

On his father’s side, Capaldi’s second cousin once removed is the actor Peter Capaldi, who appeared in his music video for “Someone You Loved” and was the lead singer and guitarist in a punk rock band called the Dreamboys. He is also a distant relative of Barrhead-born nuclear physicist Joseph Capaldi.

How old is Jim Capaldi?

60 years (1944–2005)
Jim Capaldi/Age at death
Jim Capaldi, a drummer and songwriter who played with the classic British rock band Traffic on “Feelin’ Alright,” “You Can All Join In” and other songs, died early yesterday in London. He was 60 and lived in Marlow, England.

Did traffic play at Woodstock?

Even if the album wasn’t their most memorable, the same year saw the band play at the Woodstock festival. The film of their set shows how Winwood had retained some great musical chops over the decades. What’s more, the new version of Traffic pulled out an amazing setlist, drawing very heavily on the classic tracks.

Who played sax in traffic?

Chris Wood
Chris Wood (rock musician)

Chris Wood
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Saxophone, flute
Years active 1963–1983
Associated acts Shades of Blue, Locomotive, Traffic, Mason Capaldi Wood & Frog, Dr. John, Ginger Baker’s Air Force

How many bands was Steve Winwood in?

Steve Winwood
Years active 1961–present
Labels Island Virgin Wincraft Music Columbia
Associated acts Spencer Davis Group Michael Shrieve Traffic Blind Faith Eric Clapton Jim Capaldi Ginger Baker’s Air Force Jimi Hendrix Phil Collins Billy Joel
Website stevewinwood.com

Is Lewis Capaldi related to Ed Sheeran?

Lewis Capaldi and Ed Sheeran are pals, and while they haven’t collaborated on any songs — that we know of — they did collaborate on a real estate deal. The Glasgow Times got a preview of an interview with Ed, which will air tomorrow on Scotland’s Clyde 1 radio station.

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Which is the best traffic album of all time?

Compilation albums 1 Best of Traffic – 1969 US #48, AUS #12 2 Heavy Traffic – 1975 US #155 3 More Heavy Traffic – 1975 US #193 4 Smiling Phases – 1991 5 Heaven Is in Your Mind – An Introduction to Traffic – 1998 6 Feelin’ Alright: The Very Best of Traffic (aka The Definitive Collection) – 2000 7 The Collection – 2002

When did Steve Winwood start the band Traffic?

Traffic went on to be the spearhead which successfully launched Island Records as an Internationally recognised label. With Steve’s involvement, the group was assured at least initial attention and Traffic’s first single Paper Sun was released in the summer of 1967.