Who is Nina girado husband?

Who is Nina girado husband?

Enrico Enriquezm. 2015
Nina Girado/Husband

How old is Nina Philippines?

40 years (November 1, 1980)
Nina Girado/Age

What is the surname of Nina in Philippines?

Marifil Niña Girado
Nina Girado/Full name

Marifil Niña Girado-Enriquez (born November 1, 1980), known professionally as Nina, is a Filipina singer, occasional songwriter, record producer, TV and radio personality.

Is Nina girado pregnant?

3 Feb – Singer Nina Girado, known to many as the Soul Siren, recently revealed that she is now a mother of a baby girl.

Who is the first singer in the world?

An anonymous vocalist sings “Au Claire De La Lune” to Parisian inventor Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville, who makes the first known and oldest surviving recording of the human voice.

Is Nina Hagen Indian?

Born in the former East Berlin, German Democratic Republic, Hagen began her career as an actress when she appeared in several German films alongside her mother Eva-Maria Hagen.

What does the name Nina mean?

Meaning of the name Nina Derived from Hebrew, meaning God was gracious and has shown favour. May also come from the Spanish ‘nina’ meaning little girl.

Is Nina from MYMP?

(or MYMP, short for Make Your Momma Proud) is an acoustic band from Quezon City, Philippines….

Members Chin Alcantara Carmella Ravanilla Aaron Cadaing Benj Bamba Rodnie Resos
Past members Nina Girado Juris Fernandez Jana Laraza

When was Nina Live released in the Philippines?

Nina Live! is a live album and the third album by Filipina singer Nina, released in the Philippines on February 23, 2005 by Warner Music. The original release date for the album was scheduled on February 22, 2005, but it was moved a day later due to preparation.

Is the album Nina Live a live concert?

Nina Live! was not really recorded in a live concert format. It included retakes of a few scenes, where the singers made unintentional mistakes.

When did Nina Girado’s Nina Live album Come Out?

In 2009, Nina Live! was certified Diamond by the PARI, becoming the fourth biggest-selling album in OPM history. It holds the record for best-selling live album and best-selling Filipino album of the 2000s, also making Nina the first female Diamond recipient in the Philippine music scene.

When did Nina’s third album Nina come out?

Ninais the self-titled third studio albumby Filipinasinger Nina, released in the Philippineson August 23, 2006 by Warner Music.[1] After the success of her cover albumNina Live!, Nina decided to release an all-original studio album as a follow-up.