Who does the Dodge Ram commercials?

Who does the Dodge Ram commercials?

Dave Grohl
Dave Grohl appears in and does the voiceover for a new ad for Dodge’s Ram Trucks.

Who is in the new Ram truck commercial?

An alternative rock audience, that is. The Stellantis division has launched a new ad campaign for its 1500 pickup starring Foo Fighter’s front man Dave Grohl that salutes supportive parents and mentors who help kids become “rock stars” in their life pursuits.

What is the Dodge Ram slogan?

Guts. Glory. Ram
Since its inception, the brand has used the slogan “Guts. Glory. Ram.”

Is Chris Stapleton in a Ram commercial?

Chris Stapleton’s instantly recognizable voice is the soundtrack for a slate of ads for Dodge Ram trucks. The country star covers Al Green’s “I’m a Ram,” for the commercials.

Who sings the song in the Dodge Ram commercial?

Chris Stapleton
Ram Truck Brand Launches New Advertising Campaign ‘I’m A Ram,’ Featuring Music From Five-Time Grammy-winning Artist Chris Stapleton.

Does Dave Grohl drive Ram Trucks?

Dave Grohl narrates two commercials, “Rock Star” and “Overtime” and Dave is featured driving his Ram 1500. The original Ram van that Foo Fighters used for touring can be seen in the documentary, “What Drives Us” , directed by Grohl.

Does Dave Grohl drive Dodge Ram?

Grohl is seen driving a Ram 1500 truck alongside his voiceover about how real rock stars are made (“Believe in your dreams – the crazier, the more wild and absurd, the better”).

What is built to last slogan?

In 1998, Ford Motor Co. spent tens of millions of dollars on a new slogan: “Built to Last” and reserved “Built Ford Tough” for the company’s pick-up trucks. Both slogans are familiar to us, and both succinctly state what Ford vehicles deliver: quality, power and reliability.

What does Dodge RAM stand for?

The Ram, the ancient symbol of Aries, signifies authority, force, fearlessness, and virility. As the ram’s head began appearing on redesigned Dodge pickup trucks, the brand began referring to them as Dodge RAM trucks. Thus, the ram logo was used on almost every Dodge model between 1993-2010.

Who is the little league coach in the RAM commercial?

Scott Van Pelt, anchor of ESPN’s SportsCenter, is featured in a new ad campaign for the Ram 1500 TRX truck.

When did the Dodge Ram 2500 come out?

When Dodge rolled out is newly-designed Ram series in 1994, the heavy-duty, 3/4 ton Dodge Ram 2500 certainly played its part in revolutionizing the pickup truck. Among serious truck drivers and buyers, the Dodge Ram 2500 is known as the Hemi-powered master of towing and performance.

What to do with a Dodge Ram 2500?

If so, you seriously need to check out our offerings from S&B. Those guys make some really impressive cold air intake systems that will give your 2500 a beastly sound. These bad boys also feature an impressive 4-layer air filter that will give your engine a steady, uninterrupted flow of cold air for increased performance.

Where can I buy a Dodge Ram truck?

It is clear to see that this truck can get down and dirty, yet even when covered in mud it still owns the road. Located at 1990 Hays Lane, Woodland CA 95776, our Woodland RAM dealer wants our customers to drive off the lot with the truck they have dreamed about.

Is the Ram 2500 diesel a good car?

With the diesel model’s gains in fuel efficiency, as well as other maintenance-related improvements, running costs should be down versus these trucks’ predecessors. With the largest selection of cars from dealers and private sellers, Autotrader can help find the perfect 2500 for you.