Who are the new actors in Home and Away 2021?

Who are the new actors in Home and Away 2021?

Present characters

Character Actor(s) Duration
Chloe Anderson Sam Barrett 2021–
Mia Anderson Anna Samson 2021–
Cash Newman Nicholas Cartwright 2021–
Logan Bennett Harley Bonner 2021–

Who is the new person in Home and Away?

On this week’s Home and Away in Australia, Tane is in for a shock when he discovers the identity of his one night stand – new character Felicity Newman.

Who is the new blonde girl on Home and Away?

actress Anna May Samson
Rob Kipa-Williams, who plays Ari Parata on the show, has been spotted on set kissing a stunning newcomer. The blonde in question has been identified as British-born actress Anna May Samson and the theory behind her arrival is juicy, with a capital J.

How old is Alf Stewart?

77 years young
The veteran actor who plays the endearing Alf Stewart is 77 years young. Lynne plays Irene Roberts and her age is 68.

Is the actress who plays Bella in home and away pregnant?

It looks like the pitter-patter of little feet will soon be on the way for Aussie actress Jessica Tovey! The former Home and Away star, who played fan favourite Belle Taylor from 2006 to 2009, revealed her pregnancy by showing off her burgeoning baby bump on Instagram on Wednesday.

Who is Chloe on home and away 2021?

Sam Barrett
The 34th season of Home and Away began airing on 1 February 2021….

Chloe Anderson
Home and Away character
Portrayed by Sam Barrett
First appearance 11 February 2021
Introduced by Lucy Addario

Who has left home and away 2020?

Marco admits to Ziggy that he always loved Maggie and hoped that it was all over between her and Ben, but they got back together, married and nine months later Ziggy was born….

Marco Astoni
Home and Away character
Last appearance 5 May 2020
Introduced by Lucy Addario
Classification Former; recurring

Is Bella on home and away pregnant?

Is Ray Meagher leaving Home and Away?

Meagher holds a Guinness World Record as the longest-serving actor in an Australian serial for portraying Alf since 1988. In February 2013, Meagher told a reporter from the AAP that he had signed a five-year contract with Home and Away. But he is allowed to leave providing he gives six months notice.

How much does Alf get paid on Home and Away?

Next on a list of TV’s big earners compiled by The Sunday Telegraph, – but on comparatively tiny money – is Home And Away stalwart Ray Meagher, who is said to earn $500,000 for being Alf Stewart.

Is Ziggy pregnant on Home and Away?

In a shocking turn of events, poor Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) lands herself in hot water. Former ‘Home and Away’ star Bonnie Sveen is pregnant with identical twins. Home and Away’s real-life couple Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor have discussed falling in love while starring on the soap together..

How old is Bella on Home and Away?

Characterisation. Miller described Bella as “an independent – but sheltered – 16-year-old who is still discovering herself and the world around her. Although she is feisty, underneath her hard exterior, she wants to be loved.” She called Bella “a bit cheeky” and someone who “will tell it how she sees it”.

Who are the new characters in home and away?

The following is a list of characters that appeared or will appear in 2021, by order of first appearance. All characters are introduced by the soap’s executive producer, Lucy Addario. The 34th season of Home and Away began airing on 1 February 2021. Susan McAllister, Chloe Anderson and Mia Anderson were introduced during the same month.

When was the first episode of home and away?

Home and Away is an Australian television soap opera. It was first broadcast on the Seven Network on 17 January 1988. The following is a list of characters that appeared or will appear in 2021, by order of first appearance.

Who was the actor who played James Hudson on home and away?

Simon Baker played James Hudson on “Home and Away” Seven Network Australia & Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images. Simon Baker played James Hudson on “Home and Away” from 1993 to 1994. After he departed from the show, he stayed in Australia and was cast in another Australian TV show.

Who is Nic Westaway from home and away?

Nic Westaway was born on January 20, 1989 in Margaret River, Western Australia, Australia. He is an actor, known for Home and Away (1988), Dance Academy: The Movie (2017) and We Were Tomorrow (2021). 10. Isabel Lucas Isabel was born in Melbourne, Australia.