Which tree is known as coral tree?

Which tree is known as coral tree?

Coral tree (Erythrina variegata L.) is a spreading tropical and subtropical tree legume, renowned as an ornamental for its conspicuous red blossoms. In India, it is one of the most used forage tree legume used as fodder for small ruminants (Devendra, 1989). It is often used as an hedgerow and windbreak.

What is the common name of Erythrina?

Indian coral tree
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Mnemonic i ERYVA
Common name i Indian coral tree
Synonym i Erythrina indica
Other names i ›Erythrina indica Lam. ›Erythrina variegata L. ›ci tong ›dabdab

Is Erythrina deciduous?

Cockspur coral tree is a deciduous shrub or tree with red flowers. It is a weed of waterways and floodplains, particularly in coastal areas.

What is a dapdap?

Dapdap is a deciduous tree reaching a height of 15 meters, the branches and the branchlets stout and armed with short, few to many sharp prickles.

Where are coral tree found?

Coral trees are members of the genus Erythrina and are primarily found in South Africa and South America. There are approximately 112 different species of Erythrina around the world. They are also found in Mexico, Central America, the West Indies, Asia, Australia and even Hawaii.

Is Erythrina poisonous?

Coral tree (Erythrina genus) The leaves, bark, and seeds are poisonous. The seeds are particularly toxic for children and can cause shortness of breath, cyanosis (when the skin gets a blue tint because there’s not enough oxygen in the blood), weakness and light-headedness.

Is Coral Tree rare?

Native only to Cuba, this species is extremely rare. In 1980, Fidel Castro shared seeds with a nature park in Oahu, where they were sprouted and nurtured. This specimen came to us as a branch cutting from one of those trees.

How do you grow Erythrina?

Plant Erythrina in full sun. Erythrina grows best in humus-rich, well-drained soil. Erythrina grows best in frost-free regions. Erythrina will benefit from growing near a south or west-facing wall.

Where is Indian coral tree found?

L. Erythrina variegata, commonly known as tiger’s claw or Indian coral tree, is a species of Erythrina native to the tropical and subtropical regions of eastern Africa, the Indian subcontinent, northern Australia, and the islands of the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific Ocean east to Fiji.

How do you identify a coral tree?

Coral tree is shallow-rooted, the roots exploring only the upper 30 cm of the soil. The crown may range from 6 to 12 m in diameter. The trunk is fluted and the bark is grey or grey-green in colour, and furrowed. Coral tree has many stout, prickly branches.