Which is the first technique in Krav Maga?

Which is the first technique in Krav Maga?

Straight punch is one of the very first techniques students learn in Krav Maga Worldwide Level 1 self-defense. It is one of the building blocks of our system…and should be one of the building blocks of ANY striking system.

Who is the best black belt in Krav Maga?

There are a handful of people who hold a Krav Maga Worldwide 6th Degree Black Belt including the legendary Amir Perets as well as Krav Maga Worldwide Force Training Director Jon Pascal (both awarded December of 2019).

How does a throat strike work in Krav Maga?

When making the throat strike, the mechanics stay consistent with previous strikes, rotate the hips and shoulders to throw the arm and hand forward, drive the hand into the attacker’s throat, below the chin. Krav Maga striking techniques are meant to be effective, easy to learn, and easy to remember/recall under stress.

Where to strike with a Krav Maga hammer?

…again, looking to strike the soft targets of the face, or the jaw or temple. Krav Maga striking also involves throwing hammer fists that drop down, or have a downward trajectory. This is another way of exploiting the “off button” in the back of the head.

Where can I get Krav Maga training in Los Angeles?

Start Your Transformation Today! Krav Maga Worldwide has over 140 certified training centers around the world. We also offer individual training and instructor training out of our two HQ Training Centers in Los Angeles: West L.A. and Sherman Oaks .

Is the Krav Maga logo a registered trademark?

“KMW Official Training Center,” “KMW National Training Centers” and “KMW Training Centers”, as well as the The “Krav Maga Worldwide” logo, “KMW Official Training Center” logo, “KMW National Training Centers” logo and “KMW Training Centers” logo, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Krav Maga Worldwide, Inc.