Where can I download a free spreadsheet?

Where can I download a free spreadsheet?

Download Spreadsheet Free For Windows – Best Software & Apps

  • Apache OpenOffice. 4.1.11. (9488 votes)
  • Google Sheets for Chrome. 1.2. (378 votes)
  • LibreOffice. 7.2.2. 3.9.
  • Excel Online. varies-with-device. 3.6.
  • Universal Viewer. 5.7.3. 3.1.
  • ABCAUS Excel Accounting Template. 4.2. (60 votes)
  • Gnumeric. 1.12.50.
  • Konqueror. Varies with device.

What are the best free spreadsheet apps?

Best Free Spreadsheet Software for Windows 10, 8, 7 in 2021

  • Microsoft Excel. One of the oldest and the best free spreadsheet software is Microsoft Excel.
  • Apple Numbers.
  • Google Sheets.
  • EtherCalc.
  • Zoho Sheets.
  • Apache OpenOffice Calc.
  • Libre Office.
  • Smartsheet.

Is there a free version of spreadsheet?

Essentially, Google Docs Spreadsheet is Google’s own version of an Excel-like spreadsheet application; the only differences are that it’s available for free, without having to download anything to your desktop.

Is Zoho spreadsheet free?

The spreadsheet software for collaborative teams. Create, edit and share spreadsheets online, using Zoho Sheet, for free.

Is OneDrive excel free?

The good news is if you don’t need the full suite of Microsoft 365 tools, you can access a number of its apps online for free — including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Outlook, Calendar and Skype.

What is the best free software for spreadsheets?

Kingsoft Spreadsheets is a part of Kingsoft Office Free 2013 suite. It is a free spreadsheet software. It is used for analysis of date. It lets you open Microsoft excel documents and save documents in Microsoft excel format.

How to get Microsoft Excel for free?

Click the Download button on the sidebar.

  • Click the Try Free for 1 Month link.
  • Next,you have to click the Sign Up Free button.
  • If you have a Microsoft account,you can log in now,but you can only take advantage of the free trial if you’ve never purchased an Office subscription.
  • Where can I find free excel templates?

    Excel Templates on Your Computer. The easiest way to locate Excel templates, is to find the ones located in your version of Excel. To find free Excel templates that are available to you: Open Excel 2007. Select the Office Button and select New. On the right side of your screen, type in the search criteria.

    What is a free spreadsheet app?

    LibreOffice is a completely free and open source productivity suite, which began life as a fork of OpenOffice. The result is a basic spreadsheet app that contains all the functionality you’d expect from a native modern spreadsheet app on a budget.