What is Witch Rock?

What is Witch Rock?

In the small town of Rochester, MA, a rock that sits on private property, at an imposing height of twelve feet. It is branded with a painted silhouette of a witch, along with the words: “Witch Rock”.

Where is Witch Rock?

Visiting Witches Rock Costa Rica Playa Naranjo, also known as Witches Rock or Roca Bruja in Spanish, is located in Guanacaste Costa Rica. The beach is extremely popular among surfers and is known for amazing scenery.

When should I Surf Witches Rock?

The best time to surf at Witch’s Rock is at high tide during the Dry Season, particularly December through March. The area has been known to host the occasional shark although there have been no reports of a shark attack and even infestations of sea-lice.

How to get to witches Rock Costa Rica?

To get to Witch’s Rock, a 4×4 vehicle or boat is necessary. Either travel through Santa Rosa National Park, or arrive by water, both routes to Witch’s Rock are guaranteed to be scenic. It is recommended to plan ahead, making sure to drop in with your surfboard during high tide, as the waves are weaker during low tide.

Is Witches Rock a beach break?

Advanced Surf Break This beautiful black sand beach is located 30km south of Tamarindo and is one of the best beach breaks in Costa Rica.

Where is Ollie’s Point Costa Rica?

Ollie’s Point (called Potrero Grande in Spanish) is a right-hand point break located only a few miles north of Witch’s Rock. Ollie’s Point is near the Nicaraguan border and is named after Oliver North’s use of the location to smuggle arms to the Contra rebels.

Can you drive to Witch’s Rock?

Can You Drive to Witch’s Rock, Costa Rica? In the past, yes. You were able to drive to Playa Naranjo, the beach Witch’s Rock is located at inside the national park and reach the campground. This route absolutely requires a 4×4 and a competent 4×4 driver.

What happened Ollies Point?

A year earlier, journalists discovered a clandestine airstrip not far from Ollie’s Point, the full significance of which only later came to light. In 1989, both the airstrip and Ollie’s became part of newly-formed Guanacaste National Park and remain so today.

Why is it called Witch’s Rock?

It got its name from the howling sounds emitted by the lion-shaped rock, caused by strong offshore winds hitting it. These winds actually come down from beyond Lake Nicaragua and come out at Playa Naranjo, the beach in Santa Rosa National Park that faces Witch’s Rock.

How do you get to Ollie’s Point?

HOW TO GET THERE. Ollie’s Point is only accessible by boat. Get up early, time the tides, swells and wind correctly, and you are guaranteed great waves all day long. You will also get to surf some other really fun waves close by if you ask your captain about them.