What is vocal serenade?

What is vocal serenade?

noun. a complimentary performance of vocal or instrumental music in the open air at night, as by a lover under the window of his lady. a piece of music suitable for such performance.

What is the difference between a symphony and a serenade?

A serenade is commonly of a multi-movement structure, ranging anywhere from four to up to ten movements. A serenade can be considered somewhere in between a suite and a symphony, but is usually of a light and romantic nature—casual and without too many overly dramatic moments.

What category does the word serenade belong to?

The word serenade can be both a noun — the song itself — and a verb — the act of singing or playing the song.

How do you serenade someone?


  1. Step 1: Choose the song Choose the song you’d like to sing to express your feelings.
  2. Step 2: Choose your instrument Once you have a song that you want to sing, choose the instrument you want to bring.
  3. TIP: Don’t get hung up if you don’t play an instrument.

How do you use serenade in a sentence?

Serenade in a Sentence ?

  1. More than anything my mother wants my father to serenade her by singing her favorite song at their anniversary dinner.
  2. The singer will serenade one special fan during the concert.

Is a serenade sung to express man’s love?

The definition of a serenade is a musical composition or song, often a romantic song sung by one lover to another. A musical composition sung by a man to his girlfriend is an example of a serenade. A musical performance given to honor or express love for someone, often by one person.

How do you use Serenade in a sentence?

Serenade sentence example Ben BREWSTER played in a String quartet and used to serenade girls. But, he also says he ‘s the most likely to serenade a special someone with a song. Sing Christmas carols: You don’t have to head out and serenade the neighbors to make merry melodies.

What is another word for Serenade?

Synonyms of serenade

  • aria,
  • art song,
  • barcarole.
  • (or barcarolle),
  • blues,
  • chanson,
  • chant,
  • chantey.

What’s another word for serenade?

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What is a synonym for serenade?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for serenade. aria, art song, barcarole.