What is vertical articulation education?

What is vertical articulation education?

VERTICAL. ARTICULATION. Vertical articulation ensures that what students learn from one year to the next takes form as a coherent and logical process that maximally supports student understanding and progression.

What is vertically articulated?

Vertical articulation means key academic concepts and skills associated with mastery in particular content areas should be articulated and reinforced in a developmentally appropriate manner at each grade level so that over time students acquire a depth of knowledge and understanding in the core academic disciplines.

What is CMO No 46 series of 2012?

CMO No. 46, Series of 2012 – Policy-Standard to Enhance Quality Assurance (QA) in Philippine Higher Education through an Outcomes-Based and Typology-Based QA.

Can you take two masters at the same time Philippines?

In the Straight Master’s-Doctoral (SMD) program, both the Master’s and Doctoral degrees can be earned together. Only up to 20% of coursework maybe common for both programs. The HEI must have strict admission and retention policies. Students must be enrolled full-time and dropping of courses is not allowed.

What is the difference between horizontal and vertical articulation?

Horizontal articulation is the alignment and collaboration of teachers across the region within a particular grade; while vertical articulation facilitates K-12 collaboration within the existing feeder pattern.

What is horizontal and vertical learning?

Horizontal learning represents the knowledge and skills a leader acquires while operating at the same level of cognitive, emotional and relational complexity. Vertical Learning focuses on mindset transformation, where leaders develop through stages to think in increasingly more complex ways.

What is the difference between horizontal and vertical alignment?

Answer: A horizontal alignment is an alignment which follows the width of the page. eg- This is horizontal alignment. A vertical alignment is an alignment which follows the height of the page.

What are the key points of CMO 46 series of 2012 of CHED?

46, Series of 2012 “Policy Standard to Enhance Quality Assurance ( QA ) in Philippine Higher Education Through an Outcomes-Based and Typology-Based QA.” Globalization brought about uncertainties in the environment. This phenomenon introduced competition everywhere and in every facet of a country’s landscape.

Who is under CHED?

Commission on Higher Education (Philippines)

Agency overview
Agency executives Prospero de Vera III, Chairperson Perfecto Alibin, Commissioner Ronald Adamat, Commissioner Lilian de las Llagas, Commissioner Aldrin Darilag, Commissioner
Parent agency Office of the President of the Philippines
Website www.ched.gov.ph

Can I do 2 masters degrees from two different universities?

It’s possible to get two full graduate degrees or a joint degree in two graduate areas without doubling the cost of graduate school. There are a variety of time periods, paths, and reasons to study in more than one discipline, which can vary widely based on the schools attended and types of programs offered.

Can I do MA in 2 subjects at the same time?

UGC has announced that a person can do two degrees simultaneously. According to Indian education act-1959, you can not pursue two degrees simultaneously, since it causes extra burden on students. Both the subjects cannot be concentrated by the students at a time and there are chances to lack in studies.

What is vertical alignment of curriculum?

Vertical alignment is the how and the when of what we teach. It’s about linking lessons, skills and assessments together as a holistic experience. It helps us prioritize, focus, reinforce and place learning in new contexts.