What is theater security cooperation?

What is theater security cooperation?

Theater Security Cooperation Strategy | Defense Security Cooperation Agency. The document of a geographic combatant commander which plans, prioritizes, and proposes allocation of DoD resources across the full spectrum of military engagement within an area of operations.

What does a security cooperation officer do?

SCO personnel have a mandate from Congress to act in a management, coordination, and liaison capacity for SC programs. They are generally not to provide training or technical assistance. These functions are defense services and should be specifically authorized and priced.

Why is security cooperation important?

Security cooperation has long been a vital tool of U.S. foreign policy. Historically, this has been a source of strength for the United States, building a network of partners and allies to address common problems beyond which the United States may be able to accomplish alone.

What is G Tscmis?

Global Theater Security Cooperation Management information Systems (G-TSCMIS) Program is an Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) initiative to develop and deploy a common web-based, centrally hosted Management Information System (MIS) that will serve as the information focus point for the Nation’s Security …

What are the DOD security cooperation objectives?

DoD Security Cooperation is defined in Joint Pub 1-02: All DoD interactions with foreign defense establishments to build defense relationships that promote specific US security interests, develop allied and friendly military capabilities for self-defense and multinational operations, and provide US forces with …

What program is both authorized and appropriated by Title 10 US Code?

DOD security cooperation programs
Department of Defense Security Cooperation Funding Levels DOD security cooperation programs are authorized by Title 10 of the U.S. Code and provisions in NDAAs.

Which organization is responsible for security assistance?

United States Security Assistance Organizations (SAOs) are Federal Government of the United States military and civilian personnel stationed in foreign countries to manage security assistance and other military programs.

What are security assistance programs?

Security Assistance Programs. SA is a group of programs, authorized under Title 22 authorities, by which the United States provides defense articles, military education and training, and other defense-related services by grant, loan, credit, cash sales, or lease, in furtherance of national policies and objectives.

What is security assistance?

(2) the term “security assistance” means— (A) assistance under part II (military assistance) or part IV (economic support fund) or part V (military education and training) or part VI (peacekeeping operations) or part VIII (antiterrorism assistance) of this subchapter; (B) sales of defense articles or services.

What are the DoD security cooperation objectives?

What does Title 10 mean in the Army?

Federal authority over servicemembers falls under Title 10 of the U.S. Code. These laws apply to active duty, reservists, and Guard members who are ordered to federal-level active duty for federal-level missions. Funding comes from the federal government.

What do security cooperation activities include?

Security cooperation (SC) encompasses all Department of Defense (DOD) interactions, programs, and activities with foreign security forces (FSF) and their institutions to build relationships that help promote US interests; enable partner nations (PNs) to provide the US access to territory, infrastructure, information.

What is the definition of a theater security cooperation strategy?

Theater Security Cooperation Strategy. Definition: The document of a geographic combatant commander which plans, prioritizes, and proposes allocation of DoD resources across the full spectrum of military engagement within an area of operations.

What is the purpose of AFRICOM Theater Security Cooperation Program?

AFRICOM’s Theater Security Cooperation programs (TSCP) are focused on building operational and institutional capacity and developing human capital, and provide a framework within which the command engages with regional partners in cooperative military activities and development.

What is the purpose of Security Cooperation ( SC )?

•Discusses Security Cooperation Assessments Security Cooperation in Strategic Context Security cooperation (SC) provides ways and means to help achieve national security and foreign policy objectives.

What is the purpose of JP 3-20, security cooperation?

JP 3-20, Security Cooperation D E P A O T M E N T F T H E A R M Y E U N I T E D S T AT S O A F A M E R I C RT H I S W E’LL DE FE ND Joint Publication 3-20 Security Cooperation 23 May 2017 i PREFACE 1. Scope This publication provides join t doctrine for planning, executi ng, and assessing security cooperation activities. 2. Purpose