What is the name of the cathedral in Reims France?

What is the name of the cathedral in Reims France?

Notre-Dame de Reims (/ ˌnɒtrə ˈdɑːm, ˌnoʊtrə ˈdeɪm, ˌnoʊtrə ˈdɑːm /; French: [nɔtʁə dam də ʁɛ̃s] (listen); meaning ” Our Lady of Reims “), sometimes known in English as Reims Cathedral, is a Roman Catholic cathedral in the French city of the same name, the archiepiscopal see of the Archdiocese of Reims.

What was the cause of the fire at Reims Cathedral?

On 24 July 1481, a new fire caused by the negligence of workers on the roof took hold in the attic, causing the destruction of the framework, central bell tower, and the galleries at the base of the roof, and caused the lead of the roof to melt, causing further damage.

Who was the king when Reims fell to the English?

After Henry V, King of England, defeated Charles VI ‘s army at Agincourt, Reims along with most of northern France fell to the English. The English held Reims and the Cathedral until 1429 when it was liberated by Joan of Arc which allowed the Dauphin Charles to be crowned king on 17 July 1429.

Where is the Cathedral of Notre Dame located?

Reims Cathedral. Written By: Reims Cathedral, also called the Cathedral of Notre-Dame at Reims, cathedral located in the city of Reims, France, on the Vesle River east-northeast of Paris.

When did Archbishop Aubrey lay the first stone for Reims Cathedral?

One year to the day afterwards, in 1211, archbishop Aubrey laid the first stone of the new cathedral’s chevet. The work on the new cathedral moved with exceptional speed, because Reims was one of the first buildings to use stones and other materials of standardised sizes, so each stone did not have to be cut to measure.

Where was the Cathedral of Notre Dame located?

For nearly a millennium, the French city of Reims was synonymous with its towering Gothic cathedral known as Notre-Dame.

What was the Notre Dame de Reims like after the fighting?

Upon returning to Reims after the fighting, French author Georges Bataille wrote, “I had hoped, despite her wounds, to see in the cathedral once again a reflection of past glories and rejoicing. Now the cathedral was as majestic in her chipped and scorched lace of stone, but with closed doors and shattered bells she had ceased to give life…

When did the roof of Reims Cathedral catch fire?

On July 24, 1481, the roof caught fire and repairs lasted for 9 years. The last stone was laid down in 1515. However the cathedral suffered several damages, due to forces of nature and political events: in 1712, a howling wind knocked over the angel of the bell tower (it was restored in the same year).