What is the name of Chennai Corporation?

What is the name of Chennai Corporation?

Greater Chennai Corporation
The Chennai Municipal Corporation (officially the Greater Chennai Corporation, formerly known as the Corporation of Madras), is the civic body that governs the city of Chennai (formerly Madras), India.

Who built the Corporation of Chennai?

This year, when our city turns 375, the Corporation becomes 325 and its landmark headquarters, Ripon Buildings, turns a 100. It was on September 28, 1687, the dynamic and domineering chairman of the East India Company, Sir Josiah Child, penned a detailed minute on the necessity for a Corporation for Madras.

When did Chennai Corporation start?

September 29, 1688
Greater Chennai Corporation/Founded
The Greater Chennai Corporation (previously Madras) is the Oldest Municipal Institution in India established on the 29th September 1688.

Which is the 1st municipality in Tamil Nadu?

Walajapet Municipality
Walajapet Municipality was started in 1866, by the effect of act passed by government. It was the first municipality in Tamil Nadu.

Who is the Minister of Chennai Corporation?

Gagandeep Singh Bedi
Singh was instrumental in the ‘e-thottam’ initiative introduced last year. In another round of bureaucratic reshuffle by the new DMK government on Sunday, Agricultural Production Commissioner Gagandeep Singh Bedi has been appointed as Commissioner of Greater Chennai Corporation, replacing G Prakash.

Who is current Chennai mayor?

Duraisamy is the mayor of Chennai. The Chennai Municipal Corporation has a history of 323 years and the Office of Mayor was formed in 1933.

Which is the oldest Corporation?

Kongo Gumi, established in 578 AD, is the oldest, continually operating company in the world. Its headquarters are located in Osaka, Japan.

Which is the oldest corporation?

What are the 15 corporation in Tamilnadu?

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  • Avadi City Municipal Corporation.
  • Chennai Corporation.
  • Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation.
  • Dindigul City Municipal Corporation.
  • Hosur City Municipal Corporation.
  • Nagercoil Corporation.
  • Salem Municipal Corporation.
  • Thanjavur Corporation.

Which is the first corporation in Tamilnadu?

List of municipal corporations

No City Corporation Area km^2
1 Chennai 426 sq.km
2 Madurai 147.97 sq.km
3 Coimbatore 246.75 sq.km
4 Tiruchirappalli 167 sq.km

How can I complain to Chennai Corporation?

Chennai Corporation Complaint Number – Quick Contact

  1. 24/7 Chennai Corporation Complaints Cell: 1913.
  2. Ripon Building Phone: +91-44-2561-9555 / +91-44-2530-3600.
  3. Control Room Number : +91-44-2561-9206 / +91-44-2530-3511.
  4. Address: Greater Chennai Corporation, Ripon Building, Chennai-600003.

Who is the Chennai mayor?