What is the meaning of Olodumare?

What is the meaning of Olodumare?

Olodumare (Yoruba: Olódùmarè) also known as Ọlọ́run (Almighty) is one of the manifestations of the Supreme Creator God in Yoruba religion. The name comes from the phrase “O ní odù mà rè” meaning “the owner of the source of creation that does not become empty,” “or the All Sufficient”

Is Olodumare an Orisha?

In Yoruba cosmology, Olodumare or Olorun is the Supreme Being whose supremacy is absolute. Olodumare is acknowledged by all divinities as unique and pre-eminent. The divinities called orisha (orisa) are offspring of Olodumare and are believed to be ministers and functionaries in the universe.

Who is Ifa religion?

Ifa is a faith and divination system with its roots in Olori’s family’s ancestral homeland, Yorubaland. The region now encompasses the nations of Benin, Togo and Ghana and parts of Nigeria. Like some other religions, Ifa includes magic, the use of traditional medicines and veneration of the dead.

Who is Olodumare in the Bible?

King of the Heavens, Supreme King of the Gods, Sky, Earth, Universe
Member of Orisha
Other names Olorun, Olodumare, Olafin-Orun
Venerated in Yoruba religion, Umbanda, Candomble, Santeria, Haitian Vodou, Folk Catholicism

What is the meaning of IFA?

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Is IFA a God?

Ifa (Orunmila), god of divination, fate, and wisdom, informs mortals of the wishes of Olorun, the sky god, the god of destiny; he was appointed by the supreme god to protect and rule the people. Ifa has an attendant, Odu, and a messenger, Opele. Ifa, the oracle of divination, is named after the deity who controls it.

Who is the father of IFA?

Symbol Ifa divination
Region Nigeria, Benin, Latin America
Ethnic group Yoruba
Parents Alayeru and Oroko

How did Yoruba call God?

Oba t’o mu ‘banuje tan — The Lord that can end all sorrow. Oba t’o san gbogbo ‘gbese wa — The Lord that bears the price of our sins. Oba t’o se’gun agbara ese — The Lord that delivers us from sin. Oba t’o ti wa, t’o si wa, ti o si ma wa lailai — God was, is, and always will be.

What does IFA stand for in medicine?

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