What is the County of Bayamon?

What is the County of Bayamon?

BAYAMON, PR Demographic Information

Total population of BAYAMON County, PR 208,116
Family households (families) 56,376
Average household size for BAYAMON County, PR 2.64
Average family size of BAYAMON County, PR 3.12
Total housing units for BAYAMON County, PR 86,060

Which country is Bayamon Puerto Rico?

Bayamón (Spanish pronunciation: [baʝaˈmon]) is a municipality of Puerto Rico located in the northern coastal valley, north of Aguas Buenas and Comerío; south of Toa Baja and Cataño; west of Guaynabo; and east of Toa Alta and Naranjito….Bayamón, Puerto Rico.

Area code(s) 787/939
Major routes
Website municipiodebayamon.com

Is Bayamon poor?

Bayamon has a 2020 population of 161,034. The average household income in Bayamon is $37,270 with a poverty rate of 33.88%. The median rental costs in recent years comes to $574 per month, and the median house value is $133,500. The median age in Bayamon is 42.2 years, 38.4 years for males, and 45.3 years for females.

What does Bayamon mean in English?

(Spanish bajaˈmon) noun. a city in NE central Puerto Rico, south of San Juan.

Is Bayamon Puerto Rico in USA?

Bayamón, town, northeastern Puerto Rico, part of the metropolitan area of San Juan (10 miles [16 km]) northeast) and the island’s second most populous city. Puerto Rico’s first settlement, Caparra, was founded in the area in 1508 by the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León.

What is the population of San Juan 2020?

San Juan has a 2020 population of 323,279. San Juan is currently declining at a rate of 0.00% annually and its population has decreased by -15.36% since the most recent census, which recorded a population of 381,931 in 2010. San Juan reached it’s highest population of 386,070 in 2011.

What is Bayamon known for?

Bayamón is known as “El Pueblo del Chicharrón” (fried pig skin city), considered the best in Puerto Rico. Chicharrón is made with different seasoned cuts of pork (also made with chicken) and deep fried. The town was established in May 22, 1772 by Juan Ramírez de Arrellano.

Is Bayamon Puerto Rico safe?

Like ever other town, bayamon has criminality, but its only in few places of the town and overall it’s really safe. Bayamon is kept pretty clean and the people who yake the trash away are always on time. At bayamon there are lots of places to go with the family.

Is San Juan poor?

41.2% of the population for whom poverty status is determined in San Juan, PR (131k out of 319k people) live below the poverty line, a number that is higher than the national average of 12.3%. The largest demographic living in poverty are Females 25 – 34, followed by Females 18 – 24 and then Females 35 – 44.